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Newsletter: how spooky was your Halloween?

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Transforming for a digital future
What did you think when you read this report? Your colleagues here have been thinking about it this week and here’s how we feel:

While we welcome the direction of travel, the six missions are highly central government focused.

As a result, the ambition falls sadly short in creating a vision and roadmap for harnessing digital technology and data to improve the lives of people, and to enhance the wellbeing of communities and places….

The new roadmap fails to seize the opportunity to build on local public sector innovation and creativity...

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Make the most of Soctim – like Michelle Walker from Coventry

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Not sure where to start? Joining your next regional meeting is a good first step. And if there isn’t one in yours, sign into someone else’s! Your Socitm colleague in Canterbury might just the thing you’re doing in Cambridge.

Our annual alumni meeting

Networking isn’t for everyone. Ice breakers are not always easy and simple. So we’ve gamified them. And the game we’ve picked is bingo! When we see you on Thursday 7 December you can concentrate on completing your card and chatting about Christmas jumpers. Join us. There might even be a prize*.

No. There won’t be a prize. Just some brief acclaim. 🙂

Take care. I hope you can have a lovely weekend.


How are you using AI?

Against the backdrop of this week’s AI safety summit in Bletchley Park, here are our Top 3 reads and resources:

  1. AI: what local government should know
  2. For your experiments and implementations of AI, how have you adapted the usage policy template?
    It’s an open document. If you’ve added to or altered it in a way to better for you and your team tell us about it.
  3. With the LGA and Solace, we submitted written evidence to the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee’s inquiry into the risks and opportunities presented by large language models.

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Improve UX with AI-driven tools

This week’s webinar was an exploration of streamlining.

Short on time? Skip to these highlights/chapters (with approx. timings):
07:06 What is the Government Accelerator?
14:12 Local Gov Accelerator Management Demo [plus
24:13 Managing Service Requests
25:26 GenAI Chatbot Solution Overview

Some reading: South Gloucestershire Council: Government Accelerator case study

Interested in AI? This workshop may be for you. And if you want to see the AI demo in more detail, please contact Michael Lonnon.

Next week, make sure you’re ready for Windows 11. It’s coming soon to a desktop near you.. Join everyone on Wednesday 8 November.

Watch this week’s webinar.


Read about the Leadership Academy experience of alumni annual meeting co-host Graeme Murrell – Top Talent graduate [Class of Manchester 2022]

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ERP in ALBs: Is ‘do nothing’ still an option?

Many HR, finance, payroll and procurement systems currently in place in ALBs are quickly running out of contracted support or are not fit for purpose in a modern world.
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