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Beneficial for the cyber security project I'm working on

Trainers were very knowledgeable and great at answering questions. Simulation was very useful and listening to the discussion between others was beneficial for the cyber security project I’m working on.

Cyber Breach course attendee

Took me out of my narrow world

It was great meeting other people from other organisations (especially in this pandemic) – took me out of my narrow world.

How to be an Effective Coach workshop attendee

It was amazing

It was amazing what people shared and the connections we made in such a short time period.

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence workshop attendee

Got me to think differently

The concept of having different intelligence was really interesting and has got me to think differently.

Valuing Diversity workshop attendee

A fascinating to step outside of my comfort zone

It’s been fascinating to step outside of my comfort zone and regular arena of work and see at first-hand how systems are discussed, created, changed & developed and ultimately get rolled out through large organisations.

Anonymous Change Agents programme attendee

Informative and useful

I though the sessions were indeed informative and useful. Your delivery of the content and the participation of everyone on the workshop made it enjoyable.

Managing and Motivating Remote Teams session attendee

A genuine life changing experience

During the course I came to understand some beliefs I had that were holding me back such as my own independence which meant I viewed asking for help as a sign of weakness.

Empowering Women programme attendee

Top Talent, where do I begin....?

I needed training that was more in-depth. I had heard of the programme through other colleagues who were graduates of previous Top Talent sessions and spoke with others further about the course and what it would deliver for me as a leader.

Top Talent programme attendee
Personal Development

Personal development

Through our learning and development capability, supportive networks and create effective relationships.

Talent management

Talent management

We recognise the importance of talent management and succession planning and are committed to creating leaders that will deliver innovative public services.



Join our Alumni community to continue to share knowledge, expertise and experience. This is essential for contributing to talent management.

CPD Certified

CPD certified

We have been awarded CPD points for most of our Leadership Academy training.

Anyone and everyone can take part!

Public Sector

Public sector

Private Sector

Private sector

All Career Levels

All career levels

Our training offer

Our training builds confidence, develops resilience and inspires passion among a diverse talent pool. Become the best leader you can be

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

CPD Certified

Half-day workshop
Worth 1 point *

The aim of this workshop is to share some ideas to help us understand what the components of emotional intelligence are and what we can do to enhance it.

Empowering Women

CPD Certified

Three-day programme
Worth 3 points *

Women remain underrepresented in technology and yet more than half of the UK population is female. Delegates are encouraged and supported to challenge bias, overcome barriers and develop the confidence to lead, empowering women in the inclusive way that is deserved and expected.

Top Talent

CPD Certified

Four-day programme
Worth 4 points *

Digital transformation is about people. It depends on human insight, empathy and the talent of those developing and delivering it. Top Talent builds on natural ability to develop the holistic qualities today’s leaders need.

How to Be an Effective Coach

CPD Certified

Two half-day workshops
Worth 1 point *

Managing teams using effective coaching is a good way to support people and outcomes. Learn more about what coaching is (and isn’t), the skills and the techniques to use to work better for, and with, your team.

Managing and Motivating Remote Teams

CPD Certified

Two half-day workshops
Worth 1 point *

As we blend remote working into our lives, how can you best support your team? Managing remotely needs a different skillset and you need to respond to your team as effectively through a screen as you would in person.

Valuing Diversity

CPD Certified

Half-day workshop
Worth 1 point *

Learning why strength lies in differences, not in similarities.


Cyber Breach

Two half-day sessions

Cyber breach response is a form of security awareness. The aim of the cyber breach course is to provide drills, table-top exercises and rehearsals for the scenarios that you may face.

Change Agent

Five-day programme
Free to join for anyone

The aim of the programme is to train at least one person in every service sector to be a catalyst for change. Then to connect them with others in similar roles to create communities of innovative practice.

In collaboration with Microsoft

Change Agent Managers

Two-day programme
Free to join for anyone

This programme focuses on helping you with implementing change with technology across public services.

In collaboration with Microsoft

Personalised training

Specific to your requirements

See something you like but need it tweaked to suit your organisation? We now offer specific, customised training, dedicated to meet the requirements of you and your team.


Over 40 webinars annually

Our webinars, lasting up to an hour, cover relevant issues and skills for you and everyone in your team. It’s easy to access practical information and learning by joining us live, or watching the recordings at a time to best suit you

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