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Policy themes

Socitm policy briefing - Our key policy themes 2022

We cover our policy themes in our Policy Briefing: Our key policy themes 2022

Our policy themes

Our policy work

For each of these five themes, Socitm works with its members and Local CIO Council, and with strategic and international partners to develop evidence-based policy thinking based on what works, alongside practical guidance for successful local policy implementation.

Our policy work builds on and further develops Socitm’s existing relationships with bodies like the LGACOSLAWLGASOLACECIPFAADASStechUKMHCLGthe Government Digital Servicethe Scottish Local Government Digital Officethe Scottish Governmentthe Welsh Government, the third, private, health and university sectors, and the media.

The policy role is central to Socitm’s work in representing and promoting the work of digital leaders and ICT professionals in the public sector and helps to inform Socitm’s research, events and services priorities.

Our policy activity is led by our Director of Policy and Research, supported by the President’s Team and Director of Leadership Development and Research, and is advised by the Socitm Local CIO Council as the members’ representative body.

Policy work illustration