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Not the Yule log we were expecting

Helpful resources: Log4J – So what? Five steps to addressing Log4J vulnerability  Not the Yule log we were expecting Written by Mark Brett, Socitm Honorary Life Member / Pro bono Cyber advisor It’s not often that a small log file manipulation routine causes wide spread panic across the internet. That’s what has happened when a … Read more

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How do you design and deliver services?

Share National: Service Design and Transformation for local government Our final national event of the year kicked off with a welcome and introductions from Socitm Director of leadership development and research Nadira Hussain. Nadira explained how service design and transformation influences all policy themes for Socitm. The focus of day 1 is putting the end … Read more

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Cyber, what has Socitm ever done for us?

Well, quite a lot actually, over a long period.  Written by Mark Brett, Socitm Honorary Life Member / Pro bono Cyber advisor  Cyber security isn’t new. It’s referred to as information security, information assurance, information governance, information management and cyber resilience.   It’s really about network security, including the internet, affecting both corporate networks and endpoint devices (PCs, laptops, tablet, phones etc.).  Ultimately, it’s just about keeping … Read more

How can local government harness data?

Our Policy and research director, Martin Ferguson, opened today’s (Thursday 21 January 2021) Government ICT virtual summit – organised by GovNet. His discussion, with Sue Bateman (Deputy Director, Data and Innovation at the Government Digital Service) focused on Secure, Effective, and Open Data Use Across Government. For members who were unable to attend, here is … Read more

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Covid-19: the national and local responses

In March, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the Government’s prevailing narrative was that of a colossal national effort led centrally from Westminster and supported by the scientific evidence from experts appointed to SAGE. National lockdown During that first stage of the crisis, as national lockdown was enforced, little emphasis was placed on local … Read more

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Let’s talk about cyber security

UK Government agency the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued an alert recognising an increase in ransomware attacks targeting the education sector. Institutions infected with ransomware have seen their ability to operate and teach effectively significantly affected. The success of a ransomware attack depends on the level of cyber security in place – the … Read more

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Shall we meet in the office?

With more people working from home for longer, offices are likely to become smaller and focused on collaboration Working from home Coronavirus has changed homeworking from a minority pursuit to a mainstream one. In 2019, just one in eight workers had worked from home in the week they were surveyed by the Office for National … Read more

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From service desk to leading with heart

Mark Lumley, Socitm’s newest vice-president, on his career so far and helping Hounslow staff work from home during the pandemic Mark Lumley, Director of digital and IT for the London Borough of Hounslow About Mark Lumley Mark joined Epsom and Ewell Borough Council’s IT service after taking an economics degree at University of Exeter. Having … Read more

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Bridging the ethical divide

Many organisations including Socitm are working to provide guidance on digital ethics, writes William Barker Whether it is the issue of preventing the misuse of Covid-19 technology and data, the need to combat algorithmic bias in the development and design of public services or controversy around discriminatory facial recognition, the issue of digital ethics is … Read more