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President's Team

Video: A message from our President, Huw McKee

Interested in being a member of the President’s team?

What does it mean to be involved

Being part of this close-knit team with a proud history of more than 30 years, gives you unique opportunities to positively influence the public sector.

As president or vice-president, you will own one of our five policy themes which covers the key areas of interest for our members and wider sector.

Combing your own experience with Socitm’s voice, our president’s team are a trusted voice, building strong relationships with stakeholders in both local and central government together with the private sector.

What will you gain?

The opportunity to develop Socitm to best represent and support the public sector’s vital work.

You can expect to enjoy an increasingly high profile, particularly in your area of specific interest and policy theme.

Together with contributions to Socitm’s physical and virtual events, our President’s team are sought after speakers at the best public and private sector networks throughout the UK and Europe.

You will also gain a wider perspective of work across the sector which can help support and validate recommendations you make for your own and other organisations.


Our presidents will normally serve as a vice-president for three years, before taking up the lead role.  They will hold a senior position within the public sector ICT / digital transformation.

A VP is elected to office by their peers. It is expected they will remain in office for three years after which they will become president. They will also hold a senior appointment within the ICT /digital arena.


This is more than just a voluntary role. The demand on time is significant, as are the requirements for availability to attend many ‘out of hours’ functions, including nights away from home.

Around 20-40% of the working week on average could be occupied by Socitm priorities.

While there is excellent support network from Socitm marketing and administrative staff, there will be an expectation, certainly from the wider government and ICT / digital community, that VPs and the president, will be knowledgeable across a broad range of strategic issues.

There will also be calls from journalists and frequent invitations to speak events or sit on panels covering a diverse range of topical issues.

Meet our President's Team


Kurt Frary

Deputy director of information management & technology / Chief technical officer (CTO) at Norfolk County Council


Carol Williams

Director of transformation and digital at Walsall Council

Samantha Smith
Immediate past president

Sam Smith

Assistant director of IT & digital services, Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council

Incoming president

During our annual President’s Conference, the inauguration of our incoming president takes place. This marks the official appointment to post for the forthcoming year.  


Know of someone who would make a great VP?

If you know someone who would love to become a part of the Socitm President’s team, nominate them! Please make sure they’re aware of the commitment first. 

Nominations for the 2022 president’s team are now closed and a new vice-president will be announced at President’s Conference, 14-15 June 2022.

Hall of honour

Being a Socitm president is a great honour, so it is fitting we pay tribute here to those who have served the role with distinction.