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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct will:

  • Apply to all members of Socitm
  • Relate directly to what they do
  • Govern the conduct of the individual, not the nature of the business or ethics of any relevant Authority
  • Become effective from 14 March 1996

Socitm expects members to behave in a manner consistent with the status of the company and similar to other professional bodies. Allegations of inappropriate conduct will be dealt with in accordance with the constitution and rules of the Society.


The Code of Conduct is a statement of the professional responsibility of a member of Socitm. It places a firm obligation on its members to behave in all aspects of business in such a way as to uphold the professional status of Socitm. Likewise, members must not behave, in their business dealings with clients, users and society at large, in any way which may bring themselves, their authority, the company, or its members, into disrepute.

This Code of Conduct will supplement any local or national agreed codes, which may from time to time operate in their workplace. In the event of an apparent conflict in responsibilities, obligations or practice, Socitm should be consulted. Socitm presents this Code of Conduct and commends it to all of its members.

Duty to Socitm

Members shall:

  • Uphold the high professional reputation of the company
  • Enforce high standards of business integrity
  • Encourage professional development of themselves and colleagues

Personal Competence and Character

Members shall:

  • Maintain awareness of professional development and standards
  • Develop personal business skills
  • Conform to recognised good practice
  • Provide professional services within their own level of competence
  • Offer only fair objectives and reliable opinions based on knowledge
  • Accept full responsibility for their own work and that of their staff
  • Avoid any situation which may give rise to a conflict of interest.

Duty to their Employers

Members shall:

  • Conform with all local Code of Conduct and Conditions of Service
  • Undertake their duties with due care and diligence
  • Use their best endeavours to deliver work to specification, on time, and within cost
  • Not accept any inducements for the introduction of business
  • At all time respect the confidentiality of third party business information
  • Avoid becoming privy or party to information, etc. which may conflict with business responsibilities or public interests
  • Not knowingly misrepresent or withhold information of products etc. for which they are concerned.
  • Act with unquestioned probity in giving advice.

Public Responsibilities

Members in their business dealings shall:

  • At all times behave and work in a legal manner
  • Keep up to date with relevant legislation, etc.
  • Have due regard for equal opportunities and human rights of an individual
  • Seek to advance public knowledge of information and communications technology

Conduct and their assistance is acknowledged.

Correspondence in connection with this Code of Conduct should be directed to:


8a Basset Court,
Grange Park,



This code is based on the BCS Code of Conduct and their assistance is acknowledged.