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Aimie Francis

Socitm benchmarking has helped many organisations to determine whether they were delivering their service in an efficient and productive manner. Participants have been able to inform their strategy by correcting or validating assumptions and identifying changes to benefit their users.

Aimie Francis, Head of partnerships and benchmarking service manager

Why benchmark with Socitm?

Benchmarking modules are continually developed with our members to provide an objective measure of your services, while remaining current to challenges within the public sector.

Public sector focus

Questions that provide an audit of what every local authority should know.

A broad range of metrics

Avoid a narrow view of your service by examining it from different perspectives.

Compare with peers

Add context to your results by listening to other participants during confidential workshops.

  • Return on Investment (£)
  • Demonstrate value of service
  • Support business cases
  • Understand user needs
  • Measure the impact of improvements
  • Give confidence to board-level managers
Our modules

What can you benchmark?

User Satisfaction module

Surveys your entire user base to determine their experience of performance and usability.

Delivery module

Provides insight into the governance and shape of your ICT service

Cost module

Examines the cost efficiency of your ICT service to create recommendations for improvements.

Performance module

Provides an overview of the performance and efficiency of your ICT service.

User Skills module

Surveys your end users to prioritise future training needs.

And more!

We continuously develop our services, adding new modules based on your feedback. If there is something you would like to see us do, please let us know.

Coming soon
See the difference

Here to help you draw and communicate clear insights

You want evidence to support your business cases, and insight into positive changes you can make. Our benchmarking service gives a concise overview of your service coupled with data to support it.

  • Flexible modules
    Although we recommend you combine our modules to form a broader picture, you can start with a single module that addresses an immediate need.
  • One dashboard to rule them all
    All of your results are available in a single interactive report delivered by Power BI, allowing you to tailor your analysis and comparator group.
Socitm benchmarking cost module mockup

Ensuring your success is our priority, so we make sure you are supported all the way

Interactive workshops

Meet with other benchmarking users and discuss your findings

Coming soon

Dynamic peer groups

Your results are dynamically compared to your peers as soon as you submit

Coming soon


Our benchmarking webinars help you understand and discuss results

Coming soon

Let’s chat!

If you are ready to start your benchmarking journey, talk to us. We can discuss all details and get you set up and ready to go.

What our users say

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Addressing the challenges we have

Benchmarking helps us to understand where others are better, and therefore have successful ways of addressing the challenges we have.  We can then look to standardize and share with them.

Anonymous Improve service user

Evidence-based approach

We use benchmarking to provide an evidence based approach to justify service improvement and value.  It helps us to defend against budget cuts and support business cases

Anonymous Improve service user

Socitm Improve has been invaluable to us...

Denbighshire County Council have undertaken the Socitm benchmarking exercise for a number of years. It has been invaluable to us as we are able to analyse our annual results and compare them year on year. This allows us to look for trends enabling us to see what we are doing well and to investigate any areas which may need addressing.

Denbighshire County Council