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Our 2024 Socitm Awards winners


Member Advocate of the Year

Shining stars of Socitm!

Judging panel: The Leadership Team and Board of Trustees

Do you know someone who’s been the ultimate champion of Socitm’s mission? This category isn’t just about being a member; it’s about being an advocate, true believer in our purpose and going the extra mile.

Criteria: We’re on the hunt for those who’ve gone above and beyond, making waves across their communities, leading with passion, and leaving a mark on everything they have done within Socitm over the past year.

Winner: Tim Spiers

Leadership Advocate of the Year

Leadership legends

Judging panel: The Leadership Academy Team (Sam Smith, Sara Razon, Aidan Matthews and Nadira Hussain)

Who’s been the beacon of inspiration for our Leadership Academy courses? It’s time to spotlight those who’ve led with distinction, shaping the future of the local public services leadership landscape.

Criteria: This award honours the visionary leaders who’ve tirelessly championed the essence of our Leadership Academy, paving the way for greatness and inspiring others to follow suit.

Winner: Irene Docherty


Partner of the Year

Partners in progress

Judging panel: The regional committees and Head of Partnerships Aimie Francis

Calling all partners who’ve supported members with excellence. This category is your chance to shine brighter than ever before, showcasing the incredible strides you’ve made alongside us in the public sector.

Criteria: We’re searching for partners who’ve not only made an impact but have become essential allies; leveraging their expertise, technologies, and unwavering commitment to elevate the experiences of our members.

Winner: Canon UK

Partner and Customer Collaboration of the Year

Harmony in collaboration: Partners and customers unite

Judging Panel: The Leadership team and Board of Trustees

This is the ultimate salute to the power of teamwork! The award recognises the dynamic duo of partners and customers who’ve joined forces; creating a symphony of innovation, development, and shared success.

Socitm proudly sponsors this celebration of partnership synergy, where success is born out of collaboration!

Criteria: We’re on the lookout for those extraordinary collaborations that have gone beyond the norm, achieving outstanding outcomes through effective relationships. Show us how partners and customers, have brought new ideas to life through collaborative efforts.

Winner: Netcall & Lancashire County Council


Transformation Initiative of the Year

Transformers: Unleash the future

Judging Panel: The Leadership Team and Board of Trustees

Hold on tight as we dive into the realm of transformational projects within the public sector. This category celebrates the visionaries who’ve reimagined possibilities and turned them into reality.

Criteria: We’re on the lookout for projects that have reshaped landscapes, driven change, and completed their transformative journey within the past 12 months.

Winner: Walsall Council

AI Initiative of the Year

AI trailblazers: Where innovation meets intelligence

Judging panel: The Socitm Institute Team (William Barker, Diana Rebaza, Martin Ferguson and Sam Smith)

It’s time to honour organisations that are at the forefront of implementing cutting-edge AI solutions. This award recognises the pioneers who’ve harnessed the power of AI to deliver practical and impactful insights and services.

Criteria: Nominations should dazzle us with details on how AI has been practically deployed to revolutionise their organizations within the last year.

Winner: AI / Copilot Subgroup of Microsoft Innovation Collaboration Forum

Data Initiative of the Year

Data dynamo awards: Where insights lead to impact

Judging Panel: Pye Nyunt (Impera Analytics), Nadira Hussain and Sam Smith. 

Celebrate the unsung heroes of analytics and data-driven projects that have reshaped the communities they serve. This award recognises those who’ve turned raw data into tangible results, demonstrating efficiency and an enhanced customer experience.

Criteria: Showcase your data prowess with case studies highlighting successful deployment and implementation of analytics solutions in the last year.

Winner: Walsall Council’s Geospatial Team

Sustainability Initiative of the Year

Sustainability stars: Charting a greener tomorrow

Judging panel: The Leadership Team and Board of Trustees

This award salutes organisations making significant strides in sustainability, showcasing governance, stakeholder engagement, and the transformative journey toward embedding sustainability from top to bottom.

Criteria: Document your sustainability journey, proving your commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society.

Winner: Local Climate Adaptation Tool, University of Exeter

Service Delivery Project of the Year

Service superstars unleashed!

Judging panel: The Leadership Team and Board of Trustees

Buckle up for a celebration of excellence in service delivery projects within the public sector. This category is all about the projects that have not only impressed but have left an unforgettable mark on the landscape.

Criteria: We’re seeking projects (completed within the last 12 months) that have redefined service delivery standards.

Winner: Southampton City Council


Innovation of the Year

Innovators Unleashed: Designing tomorrow, today

Judging Panel: The Leadership Team and Board of Trustees

This prestigious award recognises organisations that have pushed the boundaries, delivering exceptional new products and services within the last 12 months through innovative data and digital solutions.

Criteria: Demonstrate your organisation’s exceptional product/service design and innovation, showcasing a commitment to pushing the envelope.

Winner: Project Knapweed, Bruce Thomson - ISFL

Previous award winners

Award winners 2023
Member organisation of the yearNorfolk County Council
Member of the YearYogita Popat
Partner of the YearAWS (Amazon Web Services)
Leadership Advocate of the yearNita Sparks
Outstanding user satisfactionFolkstone & Hythe
Executive partner recognition -MicrosoftBournemouth, Christchurch & Poole
Award winners 2022
Member of the yearKurt Frary
Partner of the yearMicrosoft
Leadership Advocate of the yearYogita Popat
Region of the yearMidlands
Best user satisfactionConwy Council
Best accessibility scoreHinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
Most improved accessibility scoreCambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority
Best digital inclusion initiativeLiverpool City Council
Best outcome for a community group or areaPlymouth Council
Executive partner recognitionHarrow Council
Award winners 2021
Member of the yearTony Colson
Partner of the year Microsoft
Leadership Advocate of the yearIftaz Hussain
Region of the yearScotland
Best user satisfactionWorcestershire County Council
Best accessibility scoreGravesham Borough Council
Most improved accessibility scoreShetland Islands Council
Partner recognition (Capita)Norfolk County Council
Partner recognition (Microsoft)Bury Council