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How to: manage business intelligence (BI) and analytics

This briefing is for anyone who has an interest in harnessing data generated by local public service organisations to support place-based policy design and decision-making. You might be in a new job with responsibility for handling data, an experienced manager just coming into your organisation, or just starting out. It’s a checklist for the wise, … Read more

From place to person

Our experiences and responses to the pandemic have necessitated us thinking and behaving in significantly different ways. We have capitalised on the opportunity to work far more flexibly, improved our collective productivity and reduced the time that we spend on commuting. We have seen first-hand that work is something that we do, rather than a … Read more

Return to Work ICT programme

There are 1.1 million people in the UK who have taken time out of employment for caring responsibilities and want to return to paid work. The great majority are women, who are under-represented across the ICT profession. Socitm has worked with the Local Government Association and Government Equalities Office to set up the Return to … Read more

Post-Covid recovery: digital equality

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought inequalities in societies around the world into sharper focus, including their access to digital technologies. Despite public sector efforts, such as providing schoolchildren with hardware, in general those who most needed support during the pandemic were those least-equipped to do so digitally. This report aims to provide guidance on how … Read more

Regeneration through ethical change

Across the UK, local authorities are leading place-based, post-Covid strategic recovery. Socitm, working with its international, academic and business partners has identified examples of emerging place-based recovery planning that are actively supporting local and community regeneration through the key ethical change outcomes.

Championing place-based recovery

Across the UK, local authorities are leading place-based post covid strategic recovery. Socitm drawing on the emerging picture of place-based recovery strategies has identified following four key “what works” strands of place-based recovery…

Socitm’s post-Covid recovery prospectus

In the wake of unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, local authorities are leading place-based, strategic recovery. This policy briefing draws on the emerging picture from over 200 local authority recovery and resilience strategies to identify four common “pillars” for place-based recovery. Taking these pillars as a starting point, the briefing takes readers through … Read more

socitm-white-paper-harnessing-artificial-intelligence-and-big-data-1.pdf Harnessing artificial intelligence and big data

Harnessing artificial intelligence and big data

Authored by Simon George (Executive Director of Finance & Commercial Services, Norfolk County Council), this white paper explores whether harnessing AI and data constitute a new ‘wicked problem’. Simon uses the lens of ten characteristics originally created by design theorists Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber to draw attention to the complexities and challenges of addressing … Read more

2020 Annual Report

The collective strength and adaptability of Socitm’s members is reflected in the activities highlighted in our 2020 Annual Report. In a year like no other, we have experienced continuing membership development and growth, an expanding portfolio of leadership, development and research services, and remarkable financial stability and growth, all supported by an increasing profile and … Read more

Socitm PAUSE model featuring a step by step process

PAUSE model

Creating fair and equitable organisations and services is everybody’s responsibility. Take time to reflect and review on your approach, and identify where there may be gaps in the way in which we do things. Pause – reflect – act!

Our digital jump into the future

Covid-19 has speeded the adoption of digital technologies by several years and many of these changes could be there for the long haul. We are literally jumping into the future. This report of the proceedings from our recent international LOLA Conference features some great examples of the innovations and approaches that councils are taking around … Read more

Socitm-report-cloud-computing-1.pdf Cloud computing

Cloud computing

This report offers a practical guide for the public sector CIO and other public service business leaders into the realities of cloud challenges and opportunities of today. It lays out the issues and opportunities raised by cloud computing in the public sector and how best they can be tackled, particularly to support more flexible and … Read more