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Public sector digital trends 2024

In partnership with LOLA, Major Cities of Europe

The starting point

Tough times are here and 2024 isn’t getting any easier. Demands for digital are growing. At the same time resources are ever more constrained. Enthusiasm for new technical opportunities will be tempered by the capability and capacity to collaborate with others, to realise the benefits and to moderate risks.

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Trend analysis: previous years

What we got right and what we got wrong over the past five years.

Contextual drivers

Contextual drivers

A barrage of external pressures set the context for digital and technology enabled change.

Trends in a nutshell

The trends in a nutshell

Short on time and attention?
A straightforward list of this year’s digital and technology trends.

Digital trends

The leadership, skills and reimagination that will impact on community resilience and good public outcomes.

Technology trends

Technology trends

Technologies set for adoption to enable resilient, responsive, accessible and available public services.

Other trends

Potential digital and technology trends further down on the list of priorities and practice.

The challenge for public service organisations in 2024 is managing growing demands and leading the momentum of digital opportunities – culture, technologies and data – ensuring no one and no place gets left behind.

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