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Connected places

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Imagining connected places

Enabling people, communities and places to thrive through connecting public policy with digital opportunities.

Health and wellbeing

Supporting public bodies to work with people, communities and each other to maximise their health and wellbeing.

Community resilience

Enabling public services and the communities that they support to be resilient to changing threats and risks.

Energy and environmental sustainability

How digital and technologies can help combat climate change and support sustainable living.

Democratic and community engagement

How data and digital can enhance (or undermine) democratic participation and community engagement.

Travel and mobility (coming soon)

How a holistic approach to mobility can transform economic, social and environmental sustainability

Economy and business (coming soon)

How to empower local economies through creating ecosystems of digital opportunities, businesses and skills.

Education, skills, and jobs (coming soon)

How education, skills and jobs in a digital age generate equality, prosperity and wellbeing.

Data (coming soon)

How data insights can generate better decision-making, greater equality, and improved targeting of resources.

Connected Places: what works

Do you want to know how these topics have been used in real-world applications? Dive into interactive examples!

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