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Socitm launches digital trends 2022

No contemporary examination of digital trends could omit the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Socitm’s perspective goes further, identifying key trends that lie in the spaces between different technologies and how these will affect the public sector. Distinctive in its focus on ‘place-shaping’ – delivering meaningful outcomes for people, communities, and their environments enabled … Read more

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Not the Yule log we were expecting

Helpful resources: Log4J – So what? Five steps to addressing Log4J vulnerability  Not the Yule log we were expecting Written by Mark Brett, Socitm Honorary Life Member / Pro bono Cyber advisor It’s not often that a small log file manipulation routine causes wide spread panic across the internet. That’s what has happened when a … Read more

Socitm In Our View Focus, issue 29

In Our View, issue 29 (Focus)

This shorter issue of Socitm’s membership magazine covers the Share Scotland event held on 18 November. It includes Jackie Weaver on why local councils should be allowed to continue to use virtual meetings, the Scottish Government’s digital director Geoff Huggins on its plans to use thousands of devices distributed to citizens, how to avoid ‘horrible … Read more

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How do you design and deliver services?

Share National: Service Design and Transformation for local government Our final national event of the year kicked off with a welcome and introductions from Socitm Director of leadership development and research Nadira Hussain. Nadira explained how service design and transformation influences all policy themes for Socitm. The focus of day 1 is putting the end … Read more

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Cyber, what has Socitm ever done for us?

Well, quite a lot actually, over a long period.  Written by Mark Brett, Socitm Honorary Life Member / Pro bono Cyber advisor  Cyber security isn’t new. It’s referred to as information security, information assurance, information governance, information management and cyber resilience.   It’s really about network security, including the internet, affecting both corporate networks and endpoint devices (PCs, laptops, tablet, phones etc.).  Ultimately, it’s just about keeping … Read more

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Socitm partners with forest charity

Socitm is delighted to announce a partnership with the Heart of England Forest. The collaboration will see Socitm provide volunteers to support the charity’s aim of planting a 30,000-acre forest across the Warwickshire/Worcestershire border. Together with four volunteer days each for up to 15 staff, Socitm is also donating £6,000 towards the charity which will … Read more

Socitm In Our View, issue 28

In Our View, issue 28

This issue of Socitm’s membership magazine has a focus on sustainability, including how local authorities are using digital technologies to cut their greenhouse gas emissions through smart electricity grids and transport management, as well as reducing ICT’s own impact. It includes coverage of Socitm’s Share National event on Covid-19 recovery and extracts from local plans … Read more

In Our View, issue 27 (Focus)

This shorter issue of Socitm’s membership magazine covers the recent Share National event on Ethical use of emerging technologies and data. This includes Blackburn with Darwen’s Paul Fleming discussing the council’s Covid-19 hardship work; ethical data charters for healthcare and location; Liverpool and Sunderland setting up private 5G networks; and the London Office of Technology … Read more

In Our View, issue 26 (Focus)

Alongside international and national guest speakers, from central and local governments, President’s Week offered content and support for what we need to put the recovery of our people and places at the heart of our work. There was conversation, insight, inspiration and plenty of actionable takeaways, as we explored the road to post-Covid-19 recovery. Reset. … Read more