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Connected places collection | Article

Connected Places: what works

Authored by Jos Creese, Martin Ferguson, Diana Rebaza, William Barker

Imagining connected places

A systemic model that brings together diverse components that help to create better integrated, more resilient, sustainable, socially-just and ecologically safe places in which people, businesses and communities can thrive.

Health and wellbeing

Digital technologies and use of data to support people in making the connections between healthier lifestyles, improvements in their quality of life and wellbeing, and access to healthcare.

Community resilience

In the current digital age, connected communities build stronger bonds, enhance preparedness and create a sense of belonging to mitigate unforeseen incidents of any type.

Democratic and community engagement

Technology brings with it the opportunity to reinvigorate participation in local democracy, citizen engagement and decision-making processes that affect the lives of people and communities.

Energy and environmental sustainability

Practices to empower residents to make informed choices to minimise their ecological impact and support sustainable living.

Economy and business

Digital – cultures, capabilities, technologies and data – harnessed as a powerful engine of innovation and economic growth for individuals and businesses to succeed.

Travel and mobility

Digital solutions that not only improve the flow and integration of transport services but enable optimisation of mobility connections and preferences, including virtual connectivity obviating the need to travel. 

Education, skills & jobs ​ 

Enabling people to have the digital skills to fulfil their roles in civil society, participate and contribute to the world of work, and access the potential rewards of lifelong digital learning.


Developing insights from data that help to drive better policy-making and allocation of resources to enable people, communities and places to thrive.