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Making the most of Socitm resources

As well as the people you meet and connections you make at online and in-person events, you have access to things that will help you think about, plan and prepare for, and do things. With membership you can find reports, thoughts, case studies, templates and best practice from your peers.

In the resource hub you can browse or filter by Interests and/or Topics to find the best thing for you. And if you can’t find it, tell us.

There’s lots to find and make use of

  1. Collections: resources and commentary on specific topics
    • Digital ethics
    • Harnessing data
    • Location intelligence
    • Resilience and regeneration
    • Practical placemaking
    • Public sector digital trends
  2. Podcast episodes: conversations with subject matter experts
  3. Research: original content created by, for and with Socitm members
    • Accessibility
    • Cyber security
    • Data, information and technology
    • Digital ethics
    • Health, social care and wellbeing
    • Leadership, culture and skills
    • Modernising service delivery
    • Performance values and outcomes
    • Service design and innovation

What’s missing from this list? Your Socitm research team has a pipeline of areas/issues/wicked problems to work on next. Tell us what you need.

More is coming

Socitm Inspire is your new home for research and resources to help local public service professionals

Your institute was launched in June 2023 at President’s Conference in Brighton. It will provide you with more insightful, impactful, and actionable research and resources.

You know that the list of challenges facing local public service providers is not getting shorter!

  • Budget pressures at a level not seen before
  • Difficulty attracting, recruiting, and retaining staff
  • Insufficient capacity to deliver the volume of change needed
  • A need to access supportive communities of practice to learn from each other
  • Lack of access to reliable independent data to make informed decisions

All of this ambition is wrapped up with Socitm’s ongoing transition to acquiring charitable status. Becoming a charity aligns with the attitudes and ambitions of our people and organisation since we were founded in 1986.

Socitm’s resource hub for local public service professionals