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Word salad

This week’s webinar is a particularly tricky one to try and summarise. It started with an impressive stat about the Ask ELLIS chat bot used by Lewes and Eastbourne:

Since it was installed (if that’s the right word) last year, ELLIS has managed 75,000 queries. Freeing people up to tackle the more tricky stuff.

This is the press release: AI powered assistant gives Lewes District and Eastbourne Borough Councils residents around the clock support

Wednesday’s hosts ICS.AI then demonstrated their phone AI – it’s at about 22:00 in the recording if you want to skip straight to it!

Or you can read the blog: Embracing phone AI in customer service: transforming support and enhancing user experience

Want to know more? Remembered something to ask? Get in touch with Aneeq Star.

Don’t forget their feedback survey – ICS.AI will be donating to the British Red Cross Ukraine appeal.

Watch the webinar

Recruitment and retention – what can work?

Most organisations find it challenging to recruit and retain technology and digital specialists. What works in other organisations?
When you join us in Brighton next month for President’s Conference, we’ll welcome VP Mark Lumley to the top role. For his day job, he’s the Director of ICT and Digital for the London Borough of Hounslow. In this recent report is a whole case study from Hounslow about their job application and recruitment advertising processes.
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The Microsoft and Socitm Change Agent programme is returning in June.

It’s free for the majority of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement public sector customers. 

Co-host Andrew Boxall has written about what and who change agents are:
Digital public services: How to drive transformation with change agents.
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Training with Socitm

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Your new Leadership Academy Advocate of the Month is Clare Slater from Barnet.

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Training next month

Wednesday 7 June: Programme Change Agent (Manager) ( second day on Friday 16 June)
Monday 19 June: Programme Change Agent (5 days, finishing on Friday 23 June)
Wednesday 28 June: Programme Empowering Women

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Socitm Advisory

Soctim Advisory has recently launched a new range of ‘as a Service’ offerings.

This week we will look at…Cutover Management as a service  

This service is designed to help organisations to structure when they go-live; the Cutover Manager is accountable for the delivery of work with set timescales.

Cutover as a Service is already being used by councils to: 

  • Lead on the planning of the cutover tasks in a cutover plan with specific timescales including technical, functional, operational, and business tasks 
  • Plans the resources that are needed as part of the cutover process 
  • Ensures the right governance and controls are put in place to line up with the project/programmes go-live objectives 
  • Access management strategy for terminations on old system to deployment of user  
  • accounts on new system 
  • Lead in the Integration strategy; final runs, deactivations, catch up and reactivations 
  • Data freezes/data cleansing 
  • Planning for blackout periods during transition when there is no system of record – business continuity, capture of business transactions 
  • Lead and plan cutover rehearsals to check the sequence of events and times for go-live  
  • Develops back out plans/contingency for cutover 

Find out more Testing services | Socitm Advisory or contact us at

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