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The Change Agent programme is a collaboration between Microsoft, Socitm and every public sector body we work with.

Our aim is to train at least one person in every public sector service to be a catalyst for change, connecting them with others in similar roles to innovative create communities of practice.

The Change Agent programme is designed to work alongside existing change efforts, with some authorities planning to use this as their main catalyst for change.

The programme provides a foundation, even intermediate understanding, of a range of tools that authorities are deploying or already benefiting from, such as SharePoint, Teams and the Power Platform – including Power BI.

As a Change Agent you will:

  • Learn skills that to make your service more efficient and sustainable
  • Develop technical abilities to help yourself and your service
  • Learn how to get the most from your data assets
  • Gain an understanding of the opportunities to automate processes
  • Become more aware of the technology available to you and your colleagues to save time, remain compliant and support colleagues & residents
  • Join a community of Change Agents in similar roles from across the UK
  • Gain skills that will support you throughout your career
Change Agent event




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  1. Agenda Session 1
      Day 1
    1. 9:00 am |
      Overview of day 1 - Skills to change

      Learn a range of skills from expert tutors at Socitm on how to understand, introduce, manage and lead change.

      The topics we will cover are:

      • The Change Agent programme
      • Learning styles
      • Growth mindset
      • Leadership
      • The human side of change
      • Change management
      • Design thinking
  2. Agenda Session 2
      Day 2
    1. 9:00 am |
      Overview of day 2 - Productivity and communication

      Supporting the Change Agents to understand the opportunities with Teams and SharePoint.

      The topics we will cover are:

      • Microsoft Teams, including apps and services
      • SharePoint, including compliance features
      • Sharing a range of apps and services that can support transformation
  3. Agenda Session 3
      Day 3
    1. 9:00 am |
      Overview of day 3 - Apps and automation

      Introducing the Power Platform and automation opportunities.

      The topics we will cover are:

      • Power Platform
      • Power Automate
  4. Agenda Session 4
      Day 4
    1. 9:00 am |
      Overview of day 4 - Tech to transform

      Look to the future, learn new features or get to grips with the basics – day four will show a range of products to support your digital transformation.

      The topics we will cover are:

      • Power BI
      • BOTs
      • Art of the possible sessions
  5. Agenda Session 5
      Day 5
    1. 9:00 am |
      Overview of day 5 - Time to change

      Learn how to apply some of your new skills in a practical way. This session will also introduce you to further resources and support.

      The topics we will cover are:

      • Agile Introduction
      • Requirements gathering
      • Further training opportunities
      • Intro to Socitm services
      • Intro to dedicated communities of practice

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Our events are open to everyone and relevant to all levels of staff, from new joiners right through to senior executives. This creates a vibrant mix which promotes innovation, sharing of best practice and drives the modernisation of public services.

Our events are included in our membership and partnership packages. A fee may apply for non-members. Please see event details for more information.

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