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Leadership Academy course

Change Agents facilitator training course

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Young people in an office space, working and chatting

Socitm members:

Free for the majority of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customers


Free for the majority of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customers

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This course is a collaboration between Microsoft and Socitm.

The Microsoft and Socitm five-day Change Agents course is supported by facilitators from each of the organisations taking part.

The facilitators help organise attendees, support the breakout room discussions and generally keep things moving. They also play a crucial role in localising the content to each council taking part, for instance explaining how a technology is being explored or utilised.

Facilitators could be several roles from your authority, they might be staff supporting training, change or technology, the only requirement for this course is that they can support your Change Agents to get the most from the teachings with guidance from us.

The facilitator delegates will be shown the full agenda for the week, with details of the breakout rooms and discussions they’ll be asked to support.

The facilitators will also be trained on how to support conversations, learning styles and other key skills to support the change agents from each organisation taking part to get the most from the course.

As a Change Agent facilitator, you will: 

  • take part in a specially created one-day workshop before joining your colleagues on the five-day course
  • learn to support your team through the five-day course and beyond  
  • discovers how to help your organisation to transform with technology
  • be given access to a community of Change Agents in your organisation and nationally; including communities of practice undertaking similar roles
  • be given the tools you need to support yourself and your colleagues with technology
  • have access to monthly updates on technology from Microsoft
  • be given a certificate for taking part from Microsoft and Socitm

Course details:

Duration: One day

Sectors: All local public service providers

Career level: Managers and team leaders

Certification: Pending approval

Physical or virtual: Virtual

Young people in an office space, working and chatting
inspire passion among a diverse talent pool

Course structure

The course will be held virtually on Teams. Tech support is available to anyone that needs it ahead of the session.

Further resources and opportunities to engage in the course and with other councils will be available beyond the initial training.


Morning session 

We will work through the schedule for the five day week. We will outline where you can add value during the course and what your role will involve, both during the course and after it. For example, you will be asked to facilitate discussions during the breakout rooms with members of the course.

Afternoon session 

You will learn about how to facilitate conversations; different learning styles; and join discussions about what makes effective teamwork. 

Benefits for the individual

As a change agent and change agent: facilitator you will: 

  • Learn how to effectively facilitate conversations 
  • Discover different types of learning styles – recognise and support team members 
  • Learn skills that to make your service more efficient and sustainable 
  • Develop technical abilities to help yourself and your service 
  • Learn how to get the most from your data assets 
  • Gain an understanding of the opportunities to automate processes 
  • Become more aware of the technology available to you and your colleagues to save time, remain compliant and support colleagues and residents 
  • Join a community of Change Agents in similar roles from across the UK 
  • Gain skills that will support you throughout your career 

Benefits for the organisation

The course: 

  • is designed to work alongside existing change efforts, with some authorities planning to use this as their main catalyst for change
  • provides a foundation, even intermediate understanding, of a range of tools that authorities are deploying or already benefiting from, such as SharePoint, Teams and the Power Platform – including Power BI. The work compliments your implementations and your facilitators can localise the change
  • will add the most value if you have facilitators, managers and end-users on the course

Socitm members:

Free for the majority of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customers


Free for the majority of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customers

Attendee requirements

Facilitator expectations:

  • Be a spokesperson for the Change Agents during the course
  • Be active on Microsoft Teams during the course and communicate with the Change Agents in your organisation
  • Be proactive after the course and support Change Agents in your organisation

We’re looking for people who: 

  • Are curious and enjoy learning 
  • Want to help their service be more sustainable 
  • Enjoy helping others 
  • Recognise technology as an enabler to change 
  • Enjoy problem solving 

You don’t need to be: 

  • Particularly technical (a basic level of ability is helpful – or a keenness to learn!) 

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I will also be taking some of these learnings and sharing with my team both male and female

Just a big thank you for an informative and engaging two days shared with some super talented ladies! I had no preconceptions of this workshop having been signed onto this relatively late in the day but gained so much. I will also be taking some of these learnings and sharing with my team both male and female. Look forward to catching up with you all again in September. Until then happy empowerment!

Empowering Women programme attendee

Super session

(…) super session. I put the ‘saying no’ positively, into practice in a tricky discussion yesterday, a good reminder!
Look forward to the follow up in Sept.

Empowering Women programme attendee

The programme was a real eye opener

The programme was a real eye opener – it changed my working world and now external networks have become a crucial part of my life…

Empowering Women programme attendee

A genuine life changing experience

During the course I came to understand some beliefs I had that were holding me back such as my own independence which meant I viewed asking for help as a sign of weakness.

Empowering Women programme attendee

I would not have been able to gain the promotion...

I believe the benefits of attending this course has allowed me to improve my own skill set but also enabled me to grow. At the time of the course I was the Team Lead for ICT Support.

And now, since the course, I have developed my leadership skills to focus on not only managing the ICT Department, but also other areas within the Council. I firmly believe that without participating in this programme I would not have been able to gain the promotion to my current post

Empowering Women programme attendee

Any questions?

Any questions? Please get in touch with Dominika Szulim-Wronek.