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Newsletter: Time to plan your trip to Birmingham

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There are just 3 key things for you today:

1. Accessibility Week

Daily webinars, to help you get better at supporting yourself, colleagues and service users, start on Monday 13 May

2. Free training with Microsoft is back in June

Change Agent Manager offers an overview of the key skills needed to be an effective change agent – with a strong emphasis on the ability to lead change. Register now so you can take part on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 June.

3. President’s Conference is in 4 and a half weeks!

It will go quickly – register now 🙂

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to feel inspired, connected, and equipped to deal with whatever the future holds. As well as conference passes your organisation may have seats for the President’s gala dinner and even hotel rooms. Log in for your details.

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From Digital Trends 2024: Geospatial technologies

It is debatable whether this theme is a ‘digital’ or a ‘technology’ trend, but for this 2024 report we added it to ‘technology’ because it comprises some key technologies utilising data related to place and space.

Over recent years our reports have assessed the opportunities of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, gaming technologies and ‘digital twins’. All of these technologies continue to gain ground with an increasing number of applications in public services.

NEW in AI@Socitm: Skills and Competences

Event: Creating repeatable digital solutions for the public sector: Simply Readable

Learning: Five Part Microsoft AI Learning Companion

Report: AI Adoption in the UK’s Public Sector

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You might have missed…

Watch the webinar: The move towards the adoption of Cyber Assessment Framework principles is getting closer, but are you ready?

90% of organisations have experienced an identity-related breach! Are you one of them?!

For ease of viewing, the recording is divided into easy to navigate chapters, with subtitles and transcript available via the video player toolbar.

Accessibility and inclusion

Accessibility Week returns in May. Get better at supporting yourself, colleagues and service users.

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Emma Macquarrie has recently completed the Empowering Women course:

I was afraid that I would be surrounded by many inspiring women who were going places, and I would feel out of my depth!

Read all about it her new Q&A. How was your course? Tell us about it 🙂
Emma and her colleague Irene Docherty are our guests for the next alumni coffee hour on Friday 10 May. They’re going to talk about the Importance of development even in austere times.

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President’s Conference. People Make Places

Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 June in Birmingham

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to feel inspired, connected, and equipped to deal with whatever the future holds.

As well as conference passes your organisation may have seats for the President’s gala dinner and hotel rooms. Log in for your details.


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Come and say hello

  • Tuesday 21 May:
    • GeoPlace [Manchester]
    • LGPN North [Manchester]
      Join President Mark Lumley for the roundtable discussion Empowering communities: technology for public good
    • PublicTechnology Live 2024 [London]
      Incoming President Carol Williams is a panellist for Are times too tough for local government transformation?
  • Tuesday 24 September: DigiGov Expo [London]
    Join Nadira Hussain, President Mark Lumley and Sam Smith
    • Nadira is chairing the Citizen Experience stream. In which, at 15:25, Mark (Director of ICT and Digital at London Borough of Hounslow) is a panellist on Data-Driven Collaboration: Transforming governance through strategic partnerships and enhanced data sharing
    • Sam is a panellist in the GovICT stream at 15:10 for Driving Transformation through an Effective Strategy: The pillars needed to achieve success

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FEDIP Future Digital Leader Bursary Applications Now Open 

Ready to shape the landscape of digital health? Applications are now open for the FEDIP Future Digital Leader Bursary, tailored for aspiring leaders in the field of health and care informatics (both clinicians and non-clinical). Offering a 12-month professional body membership, unlocking doors to invaluable mentoring and resources and a ticket to the BCS Faculty of Health and Care Inaugural Conference.

Connect, learn, and lead.

Read about the benefits and apply now.

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If you enjoyed the Atlas Obscura podcast episode from the other week, about people writing letters to trees, you might like to hear about the Beauly Priory Wych Elm. An ancient tree comes back to life, thanks to 3D technology.