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Yorkshire and Humber Regional Collaboration

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Date & time

  1. 23 May 2024 10:00 - 15:00


Society of Innovation, Technology and Modernisation (SOCITM)

Socitm is the professional network for digital leaders involved in the transformation of local, regional and national public services.  Socitm’s services are designed for use throughout the wider public services market.     

Yorkshire and Humber Digital Partnership (YHDP)

A collaboration of public sector organisations across the Yorkshire and Humber region, from health, local authorities, combined authorities, police and ambulance services. The group has transitioned from a public sector network in the digital sense, to a network of organisations working together to collaborate, share best practice and opportunity across the region.  

Yorkshire and Humber Warning, Advice and Reporting Point (YHWARP) 

WARPS are “not-for-profit” services which seek to create and serve a community of local authorities and other public bodies who can gain mutual benefit from using and supporting the service: They are designed to encourage networking and the exchange of advice and good practice in information security and governance, in a forum that is open but ultimately a safe space to speak about experiences, issues and concerns. 


  1. 08:45 Registration with Tea, Coffee and Pastries

    Start networking as well as helping yourself to refreshments – including breakfast pastries.

  2. 09:30 Welcome and Introductions by all chairs


  3. 09:45 Reimagining Children’s Case Management Systems

    We will share our experience of using Microsoft AI at North Yorkshire Council where we’ve pulled together different pots of structured and unstructured data to create a rounded view of all social care activity with a child to allow a rich picture to be created which allows quicker/improved decision making.

    Jonny Hoyle, Project Lead, North Yorkshire Council

  4. 10:45 Collaboration and Networking Break

    It’s time to gather our thoughts from the morning session over refreshments and snacks. This is an opportunity to connect with fellow colleagues both from the public and private sector.

  5. 11:00 Elevator Pitches

    Veeam l Software One l 4C Strategies

  6. 11:15 AI adoption in local government

    Drawing upon our recent AI survey findings, this presentation will explore the sector’s AI adoption journey, delving into both the perceived opportunities and identified challenges. Gain valuable perspectives on how councils are approaching AI, along with the barriers hindering wider adoption. We’ll also discuss how these findings are shaping the LGA’s support offer and policy direction for AI in local government.

    Tom Hindmarch, LGA

  7. 12:00 Does the AI hype lead to savings?

    We will share our experience of using Microsoft Copilot at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council in a short and intensive trial.  Answering the questions of whether the hype leads to savings, how the trial helped the business case, and where we saw the most potential benefits.

    Kevin Woodcock, ICT Strategic Solutions and Systems Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

  8. 12:45 Collaboration and Networking Lunch

    It’s time to make new connections, say hello to colleagues across the sector you’ve not seen for some time and reflect on the morning’s sessions over lunch. Keep the conversation going and enjoy further food for thought

  9. 13:30 The Rise of AI

    One of the most important and challenging topics in the field of AI and IT security is how to ensure the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence systems. AI systems have the potential to enhance human capabilities, improve decision making, and solve complex problems. However, they also pose risks such as bias, discrimination, privacy violations, and malicious attacks. Therefore, it is essential to develop and implement frameworks, standards, and best practices that can guide the development of systems, deployment, and governance of AI systems in a way that respects human values, rights, and interests.

    Yunus Mayat, Enterprise Architect and Chair for the YHWARP, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
    Nik W, Wider Public Sector Government Team, NCSC
    Craig Taylor,  Director of Cloud Solutions and AI, Phoenix LTD
    Alun Hunt, Managing Director, OLM System (Hytec)

  10. 14:30 Closing remarks by all chairs
  11. 14:40 Networking

    A chance to network and compare notes from the sessions


  • Iftaz Hussain Application Services Manager, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
  • Yunus Mayat Enterprise Architect and Chair for the YHWARP, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
  • Jonny Hoyle Project Lead, North Yorkshire Council

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