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Artificial Intelligence: AI Artificial Intelligence

Ethically rooted use of AI:

AI for decision-making in connected places

A new project led by the University of Cambridge aims to put ethical considerations at the heart of decisions to use AI within digitalisation initiatives to create public value in connected places.

Study reveals GenAI impact on job roles:

Closing the AI skills gap: Ethical and productive utilisation

The study surveyed over 350 learning and development professionals in the UK and Germany, revealing their proactive measures to address the skills crisis amid the rapid expansion of technologies like GenAI.

Opportunities of Generative AI in Local Government:

Top 10 Use Cases

Generative AI could revolutionise local government operations and service delivery in a number of ways. Here are ten unexplored use cases of Generative AI

Public Sector Insights on Skilling:

Skilling challenges faced by the Public Sector

Best practices for supporting technology training in Government organisations. This paper, informed by Microsoft’s comprehensive insights into public sector challenges and triumphs, underscores the indispensable role of skilling.

AI moving into the mainstream of thinking:

A starting point for AI in citizen services

Artificial intelligence has a huge potential for the public sector, but there is a lot to learn before it can be fulfilled, writes Rob McCarthy, CEO and founder of GOSS

West Berkshire Creating Content Using AI:

Content creation and case management using AI

West Berkshire have managed to strategically incorporate AI to optimise both internal processes and external citizen services, aiming to strengthen their overall operational efficiencies.