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Responsible and secure use: AI Responsible and secure use

Netcall chatbot automation at Worcestershire County Council:

Netcall systems used in Worcestershire County Council

Worcestershire County Council implemented a Netcall contact centre platform which offers a 24/7 facility for customers on the chatbot side allowing the council greater resource to push into telephony and administration.

Worcestershire County Council Powers Citizens’ Digital Self-Service:

OutSystems used in Worcestershire County Council

Worcestershire County Council use OutSystems (combination of AI and machine learning) to speed up development and improve agility, deliver public-facing web apps and portals and decrease application maintenance costs across the council.

Ethically rooted use of AI:

AI for decision-making in connected places

A new project led by the University of Cambridge aims to put ethical considerations at the heart of decisions to use AI within digitalisation initiatives to create public value in connected places.

AI Deployment Across the Public Sector:

UK Government doubles down efforts to deploy AI

Government’s ambition to deploy AI to help create a leaner state, while increasing productivity, making efficiency savings and improving the delivery of public services.

Copilot in Social Services in Wales:

Copilot in Social Service Wales Summary

By integrating Copilot into their operations, social care entities in Wales are anticipating significant efficiencies and to alleviate the workload and stress on care workers.