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Newsletter: The threats and opportunities of ChatGPT and AI

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With a cyber security-themed webinar next week, concluding the weekly webinar series for this term, have a look at this law enforcement advice:

Police [at President’s Conference]: involve us as early as possible in cyber incidents

How are you finding your template GenAI usage policy? How are you handling using AI? Send suggestions and experiences to Martin Ferguson.

Martin and Socitm’s cyber security adviser, Mark Brett, have written about the threats and opportunities of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence applications.

Are you in the alumni LinkedIn group? We are thinking of shifting over completely to LinkedIn as the place (outside of emails) to share interesting and useful things. How do you feel about that? Let us know.

Summer (iced) coffee with a new starter ????

Fellow alumni and new Socitm institute director, Sam Smith, will be popping into Monday’s catch-up coffee session. It’s her first day! What are your tips for starting a new job? What will you do differently on your next first day?!

Practical placemaking

When you read the invitation below, whether you can join or not you might like this reading…. 🙂

Drawing on Socitm’s wider policy, research and leadership resources, this collection offers you a range of thought leadership, trend analysis and practical insights that can help in digital placemaking and service transformation.

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Slight date change

The in-person pilot of Socitm’s latest leadership training programme will now take place in September (still in Birmingham) with the specific dates TBC.

Wednesday 26 July remains in the calendar, but you can join online instead as a pre-pilot session. If you’ve joined Empowering Women or Top Talent you’ll know that there’s a virtual meeting ahead of the in-person training. Which is mostly what is being planned here. But in addition you can influence the development of the pilot. Bring all your knowledge and experience as a leader or leader-to be.

The new 2-day training programme will be included in your portfolio shortly (with allocated points), however for now you can joining the pilot without using any points. Make sure you’re on the registration list.

What’s place-based leadership about?
The 2-day training is focused on building personal resilience to lead teams through challenging times is critical to success in today’s workplace. It will challenge your thinking so you can hone your skillset to inspire people and places to be better through effective and lasting change.

Training with Socitm

Scott Atreed was on a Top Talent cohort last year. He wants to be an owl. To find out exactly what that means you’ll have to take part on the programme yourself. Read more about how Scott found it and what it gave him.

Share your training experience with us – fill in the short Q&A.


Tuesdays 12 and 26 September Workshops: How to be an effective coach (CPD certified)
Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 September: Top Talent Programme (CPD certified)
Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 October: Empowering Women (CPD certified)
Tuesday 10 and 31 October: Managing and Motivating Remote Teams (CPD certified)

Once you’ve finished your training don’t forget to claim your CPD points.

Socitm Advisory

Share the best and worst of your customer experience experiences

Come to The Ivy in Birmingham for our Customer Experience Leaders Round Table (chaired by Cornwall Council) on Tuesday 12 September.

Share your views and hear from peers, on topics including:

  • How can you better assess the benefits and challenges of adopting corporate CRM platforms to facilitate customer experience interactions?
  • What are the best practices and use cases for a single customer record?
  • How does local government successfully treat residents like customers to drive up satisfaction?
  • AI, an opportunity or threat to customer experience in the public sector?

Register your interest today.

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As part of your membership you can receive between 2 and 12 hours of FREE consultancy advice per year. To make use of your inclusive consultancy hours, get in touch or log in to My Account.


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Looking ahead to after summer (just quickly)

Missed a webinar? Past recordings are available to watch in the resource hub. Also, make sure to check out our regional events. There’s a mix of online and in-person meetings, so please feel free to join any that are outside your area.

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Review and preview your weekly webinar

  1. None of us is as smart as all of us
    Watch double act Aidan Matthew and Kurt Frary in this week’s teamwork webinar. And congratulations Mars on your winning score of 8,536 points. Let us know the results of your Belbin profile.
  2. Top phishing (and anti-phishing) trends
    The last webinar of term is 1pm on Wednesday 19 July. Sign off for the summer holiday with the always topical topic of cyber security – hosted by email security specialists Egress.

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The world’s oldest (written) complaint dates to 1,750 BCE! Discover all about it in a 17 minute episode of Atlas Obscura. V. much worth it 🙂

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