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Leadership Academy advocate: Scott Attreed

Leadership Advocate - Adam Simmonds

A Q&A where graduates share their experiences of Leadership Academy training. What has it added to their life, both personally and professionally?


Scott Attreed

Current role

Applications Delivery Manager, Norfolk County Council. 

Which Leadership academy programme did you join?

Top Talent.

What were your initial thoughts about participating?

It was recommended to me by my colleagues as I wanted to do more to develop my own leadership skills to help shape some ambitious digital transformation initiatives. Also, being just at the tail end of the pandemic, it was a great opportunity for a mixture of remote and in-person learning and networking. So, I signed up! 

What were your first impressions?

Well organised, relaxed and professional. It was great to be in a room with different people all facing similar challenges; it was clear from the offset that this was an interactive and engaging set of workshops. Being from a more technical delivery background it was a positive for me that was more focused on the softer skills and techniques. 

The sponsors were Canon, who had representatives also on the course and interactive throughout. They were a great team to work with and Aidan the trainer was also relaxed, very knowledgeable and a clear expert in his field.  

What were the most powerful elements of the programme for you?

There were lots. I particularly found the authenticity, mindset and perspective modules useful.

Three standouts for me were:

  1. The understanding of growth and fixed mindsets
  2. Emotional intelligence
  3. Understanding and operating in a digital VUCA world – essentially, acknowledging that we are all dealing with uncertainty and change, but it’s how we do that which is what is important.  

After graduation, what were the key things you took away with you?

No one wants to be the Donkey or Sheep and everyone wants to be an Owl! ???? But in all seriousness, the course is well designed and covers a range of topics that makes you look inwards, and also how you project outwards.

It enabled me to take a more strategic overview, to better understand my strengths and weaknesses and focus on the things that really make a difference.   

How did you apply these professionally and what are the direct benefits?

Day to day, in team meetings, workshops, presentations and generally when engaging with different people and personalities. It helped me continue to build effective relationships with key stakeholders, improved teamworking and really key to the leadership narrative it helped me develop and grow my circle of influence. 

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining the programme you enjoyed?

Go for it. Sign up.

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