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Empowering Women

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Empowering Women

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Course description

You need to be authentic – you need to know who you are.

Our programme helps you link your personal beliefs and values with the way you lead, so that you can plan how to enhance your impact and personal brand, defining how you can demonstrate your value proposition to the business as a leader.

Empowering Women gives you the opportunity to reflect – and then challenges you to challenge yourself with real and focused personal growth, encouraging you to face the things that hold you back. You can use the programme’s tools, techniques and insights to go back into the workplace with enhanced self-confidence and determination.

Programme details:

Duration: Three days plus a coaching session

Sectors: Public and private

Career level: All career levels

Certification: CPD certified

Physical or virtual: Virtual

Business women collaborate
inspire passion among a diverse talent pool

Programme structure

This programme is spread over approximately six weeks.

The programme comprises a series of three one-day workshops, coaching, mentoring and group project work over three months, facilitated by expert leadership coaches and trainers.

Leaders who have undertaken the Empowering Women programme have the chance to share their thinking and learning together. Members actively contribute to the alumni network through sharing and presenting their work, participating in learning opportunities and supporting colleagues who are participating in the programme.


Detailed breakdown

Part one (day one) – Discovering yourself. Covering a range of topics including recognising the importance of people; building honest relationships; developing a more productive dialog with yourself; and defining your value proposition.

Part two (day two) – Thinking of others. Focusing on a range of topics including creating a group of acquaintances and associates; effective communication; developing your objectivity and reducing your subjective behaviour; and using office politics positively.

Part three – One-to-one coaching session. Following the workshop you will have a session with an experienced coach on a challenge or goal of your choice, with particular emphasis on what is important for you and your future.

Part four (day three) – Final group session at one of our conferences. Your group will review what was learnt during the previous workshop and coaching sessions, before agreeing and planning the best way to take things forward.

Part five – Graduation ceremony. Join other Leadership Academy graduates one of our conferences as your spectacular efforts are recognised.


Benefits for the individual

  • Encouragement to look within themselves for the right leadership style, rather than comparing them to others
  • Increased awareness of themselves and their abilities
  • The authority, capacity and motivation to implement change

Benefits for the organisation

  • Increasing the number of leaders in the talent pipeline for better succession planning
  • Participants will become ambassadors and role models, inspiring others to improve performance
  • An improved culture of trust and collaboration in team

Socitm members:

Places included in your membership, subject to availability


Contact us for further details

Attendee requirements

This programme is suitable for any level of leader/ manager in an organisation; in fact a broad spectrum adds value to the whole group. The range of participants to date include junior team leaders and project leaders, through to heads of service.

The assumptions made about participants are:

  • Some experience as a team leader/manager (or about to take on such a role in the coming months)

  • Enthusiasm to learn and contribute fully with a group

  • A strong desire to be proactive about change and career progression

  • A desire to make a bigger difference and greater impact in their leadership role

A commitment to the whole programme is mandatory. Participants must have good communication skills and be willing to contribute with enthusiasm and energy. Outside of the workshop modules, there will be some requirement to engage in the coaching and mentoring sessions (via phone/skype), as well as collaborating online with others in the group during the programme.

The programme is designed to minimise travel costs and time away from the office. Course materials, refreshments and lunch are included. Travel and any accommodation required is the participant’s responsibility.

The programme attendees will be invited to attend our annual two-day President’s Conference to take part in a graduation ceremony during the evening dinner.

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The programme was a real eye opener

The programme was a real eye opener – it changed my working world and now external networks have become a crucial part of my life…

Empowering Women programme attendee

A genuine life changing experience

During the course I came to understand some beliefs I had that were holding me back such as my own independence which meant I viewed asking for help as a sign of weakness.

Empowering Women programme attendee

I would not have been able to gain the promotion...

I believe the benefits of attending this course has allowed me to improve my own skill set but also enabled me to grow. At the time of the course I was the Team Lead for ICT Support.

And now, since the course, I have developed my leadership skills to focus on not only managing the ICT Department, but also other areas within the Council. I firmly believe that without participating in this programme I would not have been able to gain the promotion to my current post

Empowering Women programme attendee

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