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None of us is as smart as all of us – teamwork, from forming to performing

Webinar Wednesday

Authors and contributors: Aidan Matthews

Teamwork can make us more productive, happier, and increase the quality of work we produce. Many of us intuitively know teams are important but do not know what is needed to make, or manage, effective ones.

In this seminar Aidan will share some surprising things needed for successful teams. He will also share some of the causes of workplace negativity and how using a model such as ‘Belbin Team Roles’ can help people quickly understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to develop personally and contribute more effectively. He will share ideas about the roles people like to play, their motives for doing so and why it is important to ‘have a nice conflict’ sometimes.

As always, there will be some useful tips to prevent a team becoming dysfunctional and how to create an atmosphere of psychological safety.