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Expert insights into what makes teams successful

Webinar Wednesday

Authors and contributors: Aidan Matthews, Jo Keeler
Webinar Wednesday – Expert insights into what makes teams successful - 7th Sep 2022.mp4

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Teamwork can make us more productive, happier, and increase the quality of work we produce. Many of us intuitively know teams are important but do not know the factors needed to make, or manage, effective ones.

In this seminar Aidan chatted with Jo Keeler, Senior Partner at Belbin Associates to find out about the latest research in understanding team development.

Following his ground-breaking research into team effectiveness in the 1970s, Dr Meredith Belbin began introducing Team Role theory in live team settings all over the UK.

This year Belbin launched the latest version of their team analysis software, Interplace 8, to help organisations gain quick insights into team strengths and potential weaknesses.

Jo shared some valuable tips and ideas she has gained during the past 25 years at Belbin Associates.