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New outcomes-based framework for improving and supporting local government digitalisation launched

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The LGA, Socitm and Solace have today come together to launch a joint new outcomes-based framework for improving and supporting local government digitalisation programmes

The framework is intended to promote the use of a common language and shared strategic outcomes by local government when engaging with central government, private, voluntary, and community sectors as well as with one another.

This will support the design and delivery of modern public services, enabling councils to operate effectively as digital organisations, and champion the digital needs of their communities.

The shared outcomes aim to create agreed understanding, increase digital awareness across stakeholders, as well as enable easier identification and sharing of best practice.

The 12 strategic outcomes relate to: connectivity, data, democracy, ethics, inclusion, leadership, local productivity, organisational capability, partnership, security and resilience, services and value.

Successful outcomes in each of these areas will be crucial in delivering digitalisation agendas that meets the needs of local communities.

Furthermore, Socitm has launched its St George’s House consultation report that sets out the 12 pillars in more detail.

As part of this joint partnership, the LGA has opened a procurement process to find a supplier that will lead on the delivery of a local government digitalisation almanac.

“We’re really pleased to be working with Socitm and Solace to promote a new outcomes-based framework for improving and supporting local government digitalisation programmes.

“During the pandemic, we saw more than ever before our reliance and need to be able to access services online.

“Councils are already leading the way in providing online services and meeting the digital needs of their local communities.

“However, this partnership working together will set out a common language which will enable us to take this to the next level, better engage with local and central government, and deliver digital services more effectively for residents.”

Cllr Neil Prior, Deputy Chair of the LGA’s Improvement and Innovation Board

“We’re delighted to be working so closely with our LGA and Solace colleagues, as it is vital we speak with one voice on digitalisation for local government.

“This agreed language and shared strategic aims puts our sector in a strong position to positively influence engagement with central government, which ultimately benefits digital delivery in the communities we serve”.

Huw McKee, Socitm President

“Local government continually pushes the boundaries through its digital transformation and technical creativity and this valuable resource will only add to our ability to share practice, communicate effectively and build partnerships.

“My thanks go to colleagues at the LGA and Socitm for delivering this framework and we look forward to continuing the collaboration as we share its benefits across the sector and beyond.”

Alison McKenzie-Folan, Digital Leadership Lead for Solace