Just published: Resilient people, communities and places - the report of last year's St George's House consultation

Resilient people, communities and places

St George’s House consultation, 29-30 November 2021

Socitm’s work with our network of 2,500 local practitioners enabled us to capture an emerging picture drawn from over 200 local authority recovery and regeneration strategies about how local authorities are developing the means by which they move from a front-line response – via local post-Covid recovery initiatives – towards community-focused regeneration.

In November 2021, Socitm hosted a St George’s House consultation at Windsor Castle to draw these strands together. An expert group of academics, public sector leaders and figures from business discussed the lessons learned and identified key strategic priorities, themes and most importantly how we could strengthen and broaden our support to Socitm’s members.

The report draws on the work of Socitm’s leadership, research and advisory programmes, together with wider insights from public, private and academic sectors. It concludes with shared reflections on what works, what needs to change and the next steps that Socitm and its members need to address to help people, places and communities to thrive.

Authors and contributors:St George’s House(opens in new window), William Barker
Socitm report - Resilient people, communities and places