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Networking & collaboration

Build upon the shared wisdom and practical experience emerging from the networks and collaborations across the nations and regions of the UK and beyond. Adopt networked ways of working to improve efficiency and effectiveness, to develop more effective forms of accountable and accessible place-based governance, organisation and collaboration.

Authors and contributors: William Barker, Martin Ferguson, Diana Rebaza


Illustration from the cover of the Public Sector Digital Trends report. There are illustrations of a line graph (heading downwards); a woman sitting looking at a laptop screen; a man standing, surrounded by a swirling line that twists around his whole body - he's looking a little puzzled; there's a fingerprint with a padlock; and then a monitor with drawings of buildings on.

Public sector digital trends

A renewed focus for digital health

Consider how working collaboratively across health and other local public services boundaries is a growing priority, sharing data and digital assets, and considering merging teams where this can improve outcomes or save money.

Digital ethics

Common governance and values

Examines the common principles for good governance and public sector skills and how these relate to the wider social value agenda. A basis for constructing collaborative approaches to support place-based innovation, and transformation.

Illustration showing woman standing holding a laptop. Behind her is a cityscape with location markers on various buildings.

Location intelligence

Location intelligence collaboration

Outlines a range of case studies that highlight how local placed-based collaboration is being underpinned by a location intelligence approach that is being used to better understand the characteristics of communities, infrastructure and places, and when and where they need particular services.


Socitm Infographic - Championing place-based recovery-avatar

Local collaboration for recovery

Highlights examples of local delivery and collaboration across a range of Combined Authority, County, Unitary and District Councils focusing on what works and how they are looking to develop and apply such approaches across the diverse range of places and communities they serve.


Nations and regions networks

Helps members develop professionally, share best practice and deliver their organisation’s technology and data-enabled transformation objectives and provides a range of resources and services to help public service organisations and communities deploy technologies and data for public value.


Socitm report - Integrated care cover

Integrated care – collaboration (report)

Focuses on collaborative models across the UK and beyond. This report focuses on analysing international examples of the changing nature of healthcare models and the digital opportunities that they portray to support the integration of place-based health and social care.