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Practical placemaking collection | Article

Designing out of difficult times

Authored by William Barker, Martin Ferguson, Diana Rebaza


Digital ethics

Focus on the design phase of digital and data tools

Looks at the duty of care of digital creators of all kinds (developers, digital designers, project managers, etc.) and the need to ensure that their approach to design adheres to the pursuit of the common good, does no harm, preserves human agency, and is fair, transparent, and environmentally friendly.

Responsible use and design

Examines how to grow an organisational approach to responsible use of technology and the tools that can form the basis for mapping and defining a set of supporting leadership approaches to complement the digital place-making agenda.

Illustration from the cover of the Public Sector Digital Trends report. There are illustrations of a line graph (heading downwards); a woman sitting looking at a laptop screen; a man standing, surrounded by a swirling line that twists around his whole body - he's looking a little puzzled; there's a fingerprint with a padlock; and then a monitor with drawings of buildings on.

Public sector digital trends

Looking afresh at customer services

Customer service strategies will refocus on service users. Public bodies should review their priorities and strategies for customer service, ensuring a tight coupling and alignment with digital priorities and possibilities.


Socitm - Service design and transformation

Service design and transformation

Examines the role of innovative design and transformation in the delivery of public services that meet the needs of people and communities.