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Practical placemaking collection | Article

Resilience & regeneration

Authored by William Barker, Martin Ferguson, Diana Rebaza


Illustration from the cover of the Public Sector Digital Trends report. There are illustrations of a line graph (heading downwards); a woman sitting looking at a laptop screen; a man standing, surrounded by a swirling line that twists around his whole body - he's looking a little puzzled; there's a fingerprint with a padlock; and then a monitor with drawings of buildings on.

Public sector digital trends

Market disruption brings new challenges

Sets out the need for local public services to review their supply chains for weaknesses or dependencies in the coming year where there could be an impact on digital programmes, and then mitigate or manage these accordingly

Tackling IT legacy

Considers how older systems often create avoidable costs, inefficiency in IT management time, barriers to the introduction of innovative new technologies and inherent and growing risks, which can be hard to quantify or are even unseen until the risks materialise.


Socitm - Regeneration, sustainability and connectivity

Regeneration, sustainability and connectivity

Outlines the Regeneration, Sustainability and Connectivity policy theme which looks to support the post-Covid recovery by sustaining the positive changes that have been achieved and building economically sustainable, socially just and ecologically safe places.

Regeneration through ethical change

Presents examples local authority led, place-based, post-Covid strategic recovery. Socitm, working with its international, academic and business partners has identified examples of emerging place-based recovery planning that are actively supporting local and community regeneration through the key ethical change outcomes.


Socitm report - Resilient people, communities and places

St George’s House consultation report

Resilient people, communities and places

Details Socitm’s work with our network of 2,500 local practitioners enabled us to capture an emerging picture drawn from over 200 local authority recovery and regeneration strategies about how local authorities are developing the means by which they move from a front-line response – via local post-Covid recovery initiatives – towards community-focused regeneration.

Response, recovery and regeneration
Looks at how the four themes of reset, reform, renew and resilient that characterised place-based recovery emerged and the how the onward harnessing of digital capabilities, technologies and data can contribute to enhancing the resilience of people, communities, organisations and places.