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Digital Trends 2024 – Key messages for public service leaders – by ALGIM

Authors and contributors: Jos Creese
Socitm Digital Trends 2024 - Key Messages for Public Service Leaders - by ALGIM

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Report researcher and co-author Jos Creese talks with local public service colleagues in New Zealand about 2024’s Digital Trends.

Many organisations provide predictions of what they think will happen with IT and its digital application in the public sector. They are all too often over-ambitious, narrow, or written by people who have never worked in to fully understand the context of public service delivery.

Socitm’s digital trends analysis is somewhat different. The research is based on solid input from public sector digital leaders across the globe, including ALGIM members. It is designed to challenge convention, providing a practical view on what public service digital leaders should really concentrate on when planning for the future.

This webinar explored the key digital and IT trends in this year’s report, and gave attendees a chance to challenge back and question the author, based on their own experience and local context.


  1. Purpose and scope
  2. The digital trends story from 2018 to 2023
  3. Overall digital and technology trends 2024
  4. Community resilience
  5. IT for public good
  6. Local and national leadership
  7. Re-imagining services
  8. Skills and capacity
  9. 5 Top Technology trends
  10. How to harness digital innovation?
  11. Q&A

About the Presenter: Jos Creese

Jos is an independent consultant and analyst, providing advice to public and private sectors on digital and IT strategies. Since 2015 he has helped over 300 organisations to maximise digital opportunities.

He has published a wide range of research for professional bodies, including the annual digital trends report for Socitm for the past 7 years. His reports include cloud adoption, integrated care, procurement, digital identity, cyber readiness, digital leadership, and structural models for digital operation in public services.

He is a past president of both the British Computer Society (the chartered institute for IT), and Socitm. For over a decade he was CIO and CDO for Hampshire County Council.