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Accessibility Week – Brand inclusion: Why we connect more with companies that care

Authors and contributors: Rob Helsby

This session highlighted how combining brand purpose with accessible design can help foster stronger customer relationships.

  • Understanding brand inclusion: Delve into the concept of brand inclusion, exploring its significance and why it should be a priority for your organisation
  • Inclusive vs. accessible branding: Unpack the differences between an inclusive brand and an accessible brand
  • Quick accessibility wins: Discover actionable, straightforward strategies to enhance your brand’s accessibility immediately, ensuring a more inclusive user experience
  • Avoiding common pitfalls: Learn about the dangers of virtue signalling and other negative practices that can undermine your brand’s authenticity and consumer trust
  • Adopting best practices: Explore best practices for brand inclusion including how to authentically live out your brand values in ways that resonate with and engage your audience
  • Case studies of success: Gain insights from brands that excel in combining purpose with accessibility, learning from their successful strategies to apply to your own efforts


  1. Introduction from Rob
  2. So…what is brand inclusion?
  3. The power of brand purpose
  4. Inclusive brands and accessible brands
  5. Virtue signalling
  6. Living your values (and other best practice)
  7. Some good eggs
  8. Useful resources
  9. In summary