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Impera from data to impact

Since August 2023 Soctim and Impera Analytics have been working together to further advance data and research services across the sector tackling some of our key policy challenges.

The Impera team has prepared this summary of all the joint work so far.

What’s happened since August?

The two policies we’ve been focussing on are:

Policy themesChallenge
Responsible use of technology, AI and dataEnsuring that the data generated and stored, and the public service designs, processes and interactions proactively support wider social value and social progress.  
Sustainability and net zeroHarnessing the data and digital capabilities that will support local public services in delivering place-based sustainability and net zero initiatives.

We’ve done some excellent work together including:

  1. Engaging Welsh authorities on the topic of responsible use of data to improve social outcomes in last year’s Regeneration, sustainability and connectivity conference day in Cardiff.
  2. Engaging authorities in the North West on data, social progress, and citizen-led impact at December’s local meeting in Blackpool.
  3. Participation in a 2-day consultation event on the responsible use of technology, AI and data at St George’s House, Windsor Castle. [You’ll be able to read more about this very soon.]
  4. Contributions to the 2024 annual Public Sector Digital Trends report.
  5. Focus groups with selected councils on their use of data; uncovering challenges, skills, capacity, and ambition.
  6. Expanding our collective membership benefits to Northern Ireland councils.
  7. Research, development, piloting and launching our new upcoming products and services!

Now in month 8 of our new partnership, we’re delighted to announce all the new products and services that we’re launching in the coming months – with extra benefits for members.

What’s coming next?

New products

  • The Utility Data Aggregator (UDA)
    • Fixes the problem of sorting energy bill data into a single readable format.
      UDA is a software programme that reads PDF energy bills. It parses and extracts the data needed to baseline your carbon emissions.
    • Socitm members have already benefitted. The Impera team has supported one council, with 20+ assets, sort 100 PDFs in 3 minutes. If an officer performed the same task, it would’ve taken them several days.
    • Discounts are on offer for all Socitm members.
  • Place Insight
    • A data-driven benchmarking tool including a local authority level social progress index, a wider data bank, pre-built population analysis and CIPFA benchmarking tools all in one.
    • Early bird discounts available for Socitm members with a 15-month subscription for the price of 12 months for the first year.

New service

  • Quantitative and qualitative research training on place-based working
    • 2-day training sessions occurring twice every quarter
    • Immersive experiences for officers and elected members to learn about different social research techniques and tools
    • Practice presenting research techniques to senior leadership and politicians
    • Trained officers become facilitators in subsequent training sessions
    • Join a growing community of social researchers to share stories, interventions and what works in community engagement and co-production
    • Certified by Socitm

Find out more information

We will all be in Birmingham on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 June for President’s Conference. All of us are ready to talk about what’s been happening and what you can do with the Impera Analytics team.

Can’t make it to Birmingham? Get in touch directly with Impera Analytics for more details.

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