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Regeneration, sustainability and connectivity 2023

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Date & time

  1. 25 April 2023 09:30 - 16:30

Primary partners: IGEL (opens in new tab)



Regeneration, sustainability and connectivity


Join us in the inspirational setting of Cardiff’s Principality Stadium for our first national event of the year. 

Put a spring in your step and turbo boost your plans around the key areas of regeneration, sustainability and connectivity.  

During the event we’ll unpack this key theme in the context of the communities you serve and how we can include everyone to develop what the future looks like.  

Some of the take outs you’ll walk away with to improve your organisation’s performance include:  

  • Understanding the distribution and root causes of inequalities 
  • Target resources and know-how to address these causes 
  • Delivering a sustainable reduction in regional variation in healthcare and wellbeing of people and communities 

And of course, join your Socitm colleagues to reflect and share best practice during several networking sessions.  



  1. 09:30 Registration

    You will be warmly welcomed by Socitm at the registration desk where you can sign in and receive your delegate pass. You’re then free to start networking as well as helping yourself to refreshments – including breakfast pastries.

  2. 10:00 Chair's opening remarks

    Sam Smith, Assistant Director of Customer & Digital Services​, Cambridgeshire County Council and Assistant Director of Digital & Data Services, Peterborough City Council​

    Sam will make us all welcome, run through the practical housekeeping, set the scene, share her thoughts and introduce our first keynote speaker.

  3. 10:10 Why digital innovation is the key to success in Wales

    Mike Emery, Chief Digital Officer, NHS Wales/Welsh Government

    Mike Emery is the new CDO for Health and Social Care in Welsh Government, and he also sits on the new NHS Wales Executive Board. He’ll be reflecting on his first 3 months in post.

    In these difficult times Mike will outline why it’s even more important to not lose sight of the power of digital, data and technology to enable ongoing modernisation. While not ignoring the challenges we face due to the current financial situation, ongoing infrastructure issues and the risks of digital exclusion.

    He’ll also look at using a person-centric approach to solution development, and the vital importance of collaboration across public services

  4. 10:30 Displace is the NEW replace

    Simon Townsend, EMEA Field CTO, IGEL

    E-waste is a big problem – What can IT consider to help drive down emissions and achieve sustainability goals

    There is no question that electronic waste is a big problem for our planet – 50M+ tons every year.
    We also all appreciate the desperate need to reduce CO2 emissions – something that many organisations now have as a priority, including those in public sector
    When it comes to IT services, IT also has its part to play.
    Information technology contributes to about 7% of the worlds emissions and hence those looking at helping reduce CO2 and meet ESG goals should ensure that IT departments are contributing to the best of their ability.
    The question for many is not why, but how…and how without compromising something else….
    Simon will share the size of the problem and provide some real examples of organisations who, by thinking differently, are having a positive impact on the planet without increasing costs or compromising on security.

  5. 11:00 Partner Elevator pitches

    David Crichton, Canon
    Stuart Smith, Local Government Lead, Exponential-E

    Creating capability across the workforce is critical to move at the pace required. What lessons can we learn from the private sector and how can they help?

  6. 11:10 Networking Break

    Make sure you take chance to mull over the morning’s sessions while catching up with your Socitm colleagues. A key part of getting together at today’s event!

  7. 11:40 Building Better Societies One Data Point at a Time

    Pye Nyunt, CEO, Impera Analytics

    Pye Nyunt will share lessons from global data models on just transition to net zero and how UK local authorities can use data to identify opportunities for inclusive sustainable local economic growth whilst also improving societal and environmental outcomes.

  8. 12:00 Targeting resources to tackle inequalities

    IGEL – Regeneration 

    Can running your applications and desktops in the cloud really help connect remote workers and still be sustainable

    Designed for those involved or responsible for IT services and/or those delivering modern workspaces.
    Join the afternoon workshop to discuss how Desktop Virtualization, Desktop as a Service and Microsoft’s new CLOUD PC are helping many organisations deliver secure, cost effective digital workspaces without compromising on sustainability. Learn how alternative technologies, such as IGEL are helping public sector organisations spend less and still meet their ESG goals.
    During the workshop, Simon will demonstrate how both the public cloud and your existing endpoints can be utilised to meet sustainability goals and yet simultaneously improve security and drive down cost. Simon will share some case studies from both local government and healthcare.
    The workshop will give you an opportunity to ask additional questions and discuss with others your strategy around deploying modern workspaces.

    AWS – Sustainability 

    Unlock the value of sustainability data through the AWS Cloud

    Making an impact on sustainability requires the extraction and handling of large amount of data sets coming from various sources, whether massive satellites or the smallest sensors. Explore how the scalability of cloud technology and use of open data through the Amazon Sustainability Data initiative can drive value for use cases like smart cities, social impact and sustainable buildings. During the workshop you will also learn what steps Amazon Web Services are taking to ensure the sustainability of their cloud infrastructure and how that in turn helps their customers meet their sustainability goals.

    SALESFORCE – Connectivity 

    Rebuilding Trust in Local Government through Digital Engagement

    Public trust plummeted after the recession of 2009, and hasn’t recovered since.  What we’ll show and discuss is ways to rebuild that trust through public collaboration and communication.

  9. 12:50 Networking Lunch

    Take a break, network with your Socitm colleagues and get fuelled up for the afternoon session!

  10. 13:50 Putting people first

    Huw McKee, Head of IT & Digital Transformation, Conwy Council & Socitm President (Chair) | Pye Nyunt | Kate Lindley, Head of Customer Transformation, Socitm Advisory | Jenny McEneaney, Senior Improvement Policy Advisory, LGA

    The possibilities to create more inclusive, safe, sustainable, and resilient places are endless. But what about the communities and people at the heart of them? How do we make sure this desire for a better future put people first in development processes? How can everyone be included? How are the poor and vulnerable empowered to build cohesive and resilient societies where institutions are accessible and accountable to citizens?

  11. 14:40 Networking break

    We’ve packed a huge amount in today! Make sure you reflect, and catch-up with your Socitm network over a tea or coffee.

  12. 15:05 Top Talent Cardiff Cohort

    A fantastic final session. Make sure you listen to the personal development our latest Top Talent course has gone through.

  13. 15:50 Closing Remarks

    Sam Smith, Assistant Director of Customer & Digital Services​, Cambridgeshire County Council and Assistant Director of Digital & Data Services, Peterborough City Council​

  14. 16:00 Close



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