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Newsletter: ICT users have short memories. Were yours in the 11,000 surveyed?

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It’s not autumnal outside, but the autumn events series is underway. Thanks so much you to all of you who joined our first weekly webinar. Wiktor was an engaging and informative speaker, getting us ready for AI. We ran out of time for all your questions! Please do send them over to Mike Richards.

There’s more AI next week. Uncover Derby’s AI assistants Darcie and Ali, and their impact on budget savings.

Training also returns. There’s now 1 space available on Tuesday’s How To Be An Effective Coach workshop (the second’s on Tuesday 26 September). Snap it up if you can. It’ll run for the final time this year in November.

Now is also the time to use those training points you’ve been saving. The last Empowering Women programme of 2023 starts in Birmingham on Monday 2 October. You’ll need 3 points. Don’t have quite enough? Let us know.

Save the date Thursday 12 December. Your alumni will meet-up in Manchester for collaboration, networking and conversations around the theme of diversity, equity, and inclusion. And don’t forget that there’s an online coffee catch-up at 1pm on Thursday 5 October.

Give your devices a second life

The amount of e-waste produced worldwide is equivalent to 1,000 laptops getting thrown away every day!

Consider your IT lifecycle emissions and the responsible disposal of electronic waste to reduce environmental impact, thereby contributing to achieving net zero targets.
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The era of AI is here

With so many questions about about the safety, accuracy, reliability and ethics of using AI (and Chat GPT in particular) in Wednesday’s webinar, you should revisit – or discover for the first time – this essential reading:

  1. A policy template for your individual and collective use of generative AI
  2. Dos and don’ts: a useful list when using gen AI

CPD certified training with Socitm

Your most recent Leadership Advocate is Graeme Murrell – a Top Talent graduate. The confidence, enthusiasm and empowerment the programme gave him, is expressed throughout his Q&A. He will also be your co-host for our catch-up in Manchester in December 🙂
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Training places are included in Socitm membership – subject to availability and membership level. If you have any questions or would like further information, please let us know.

Once you’ve finished your training don’t forget to claim your CPD points.

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Is your digital strategy meaningful?

Most councils have a digital strategy in place or planned. But how good is it; are staff engaged with it, and is it driving outcomes?
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Next week or so…

Missed a webinar? Past recordings are available to watch in the resource hub. Also, make sure to check out our regional events. There’s a mix of online and in-person meetings, so please feel free to join any that are outside your area.

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ICT users have short memories

During the pandemic, overall satisfaction with ICT services rose by 10%. However, recent responses have dropped back by 4.5%. While this is still a high result, it shows that continual effort is required to fulfil the expectation of users.

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Spotted on Dave Brigg’s ‘Dave’s List’ newsletter is this blog on Warwick Digital:

Noise Nuisance: redesigning our service

Think you’ll like it. And let us know what you think about the Alpha and Beta terminology. Does it work for you?

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