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Newsletter: GenAI sample policy | Net zero in Barnet | Scafell Pike

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While today’s newsletter is arriving in inboxes, 4 of your Socitm colleagues will be on Scafell Pike – as part of the Public Sector 3 Peaks Challenge. Jonathan Stephenson completed the challenge last year with Brentwood Borough and Rochford District Councils. This month he’s repeating it, with participants from across the public sector.

If you would like to make a donation to support the challenge and Cancer Research UK, you can do so through the Socitm Superstars fundraising page. Thank you so much for your kind and generous support.

Have you joined your alumni LinkedIn group? And have you thought about supporting yourself, if you’d like to, with mentoring (as mentor or mentee)? There’s a drop in/catch-up coffee session on Monday 17 July for all of this and anything else you fancy.

The details for the place-based, resilient leadership pilot programme will be published very soon. You are very welcome to get your name on the registration list straightaway [check your inbox for the newsletter with the link]. We’ll be in touch.

Your sample policy for generative AI usage

Developed jointly with ALGIM, Socitm’s partner association in New Zealand, our Sample Corporate Policy provides a practical framework for using GenAI (such as ChatGPT, Bard, Bing and so on) by staff, contractors, developers, vendors, temporary staff, consultants or other third parties.

A Word version is available to use and adapt in your organisation.

The pace of development and application of GenAI is such that the policy will be in a constant state of development.

We would welcome your feedback to enable us improve the policy and to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of councils. Send comments, suggestions, and experiences to Martin Ferguson (Policy and Research Director).

Net zero: What is local government doing?

Sticking with the net zero report in this week’s newsletter, because Barnet Council has published the recommendations from their citizens’ and young people’s assemblies on climate change and biodiversity: watch the video and read the summary booklet.

New Socitm vice-president Yogita Popat is the Assistant Director for Sustainability at Barnet Council, and maybe you spoke to her about these citizens’ assemblies.

Dip your toe into the very recently published Socitm Inspires research on sustainability and net zero.

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This year, you register for training using points instead of places. Not sure how it works? Send any questions to Dominika Szulim-Wronek.

Scott Atreed was on a Top Talent cohort last year. He wants to be an owl. To find out exactly what that means you’ll have to take part on the programme yourself. Read more about how Scott found it and what it gave him.

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