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Newsletter: Brighton is done. Belfast was this week. It’s Birmingham next (but not till October)

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Keep on using your free events, meetings, resources, and training

Not all of you were in Brighton last week, but if you want to glance at some of the presentations they are now available.

Make a start with – and maybe compare them to your project 😉 – the latest Empowering Women and Top Talent cohorts

Empowering Women

Top Talent

They and you are invited to join us in our alumni LinkedIn group. And you can support yourself, if you’d like to, with mentoring (as mentor or mentee). There’s a drop in/catch-up coffee session on Monday 17 July.

A pilot of a new training programme was mentioned in Brighton. The details for the place-based, resilient leadership pilot programme will be published very soon. If you want to get your name on the registration list straightaway let us know [check your inbox for the newsletter with the link]. We’ll be in touch.

Net zero: What can local government do?

Dip your toe into the Socitm Inspires research published last week. One the threads through President’s Conference was sustainability and net zero. Whether you were there or not these are high on everyone’s to-do and to-think-more-about lists – both at work and at home.

Get a concise summary of the evidence, some approaches (Doughnut Economics for instance) and case studies from which you can get inspiration for your own carbon reduction projects.
Know of a good example of best sustainability practice? Tell us. We can then share it with the rest of the Socitm membership community in the Resource Hub.

Get inspired

How’s the Local Digital programme for you?

As you may be aware, Socitm is supporting a study commissioned by DLUHC to evaluate its Local Digital programme. This involves working with councils over the next two years to understand the programme’s impact, and how they can improve and iterate it over time.
A survey to measure how things might have changed over time, and to trace changing digital priorities, is currently live. Please do have your say, you’ve still got time all next week. Your answers will be incredibly valuable.

Training with Socitm

This year, you register for training using points instead of places. Not sure how it works? Send any questions to Dominika Szulim-Wronek.

Scott Atreed was on a Top Talent cohort last year. He wants to be an owl. To find out exactly what that means you’ll have to take part on the programme yourself. Read more about how Scott found it and what it gave him.

Share your training experience with us – fill in the short Q&A.

Training in June and July

Wednesday 28 June: Programme Empowering Women [CPD certified]
Tuesdays 4 and 18 July: Workshop: Managing and motivating remote teams [CPD certified]
Tuesday 11 July: Workshop: Introduction to emotional intelligence CPD certified

Once you’ve finished your training don’t forget to claim your CPD points.

Socitm Advisory

Service Design Coffee Shop

The service design forum will bring together service designers from across local authorities and the wider public sector. Share your experiences and promote best practice. Find out more and register your interest today.

CEX Round Table

Exclusively for customer experience leaders, led by customer experience leaders and chaired by Jenny Payne, Head of Customer Experience at Cornwall Council, our new forum will support you to collaborate and innovate.
Covering a number of topics such as AI, find out more today and register your interest.

Are you making full use of your membership?

As part of your membership you can receive between 2 and 12 hours of FREE consultancy advice per year. To make use of your inclusive consultancy hours, get in touch or log in to My Account.


Events from Socitm and partners


Looking ahead to after summer (just quickly)

Join everyone in Birmingham on Thursday 5 October for a conference day dedicated to Modernising Service Delivery.

Missed a webinar? Past recordings are available to watch in the resource hub. Also, make sure to check out our regional events. There’s a mix of online and in-person meetings, so please feel free to join any that are outside your area.

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Benchmark, much?

In Brighton last week 😉 Folkestone & Hythe District Council ( )won the award for Outstanding User Satisfaction. It could be you next year. But only if you benchmark and survey your users!
Watch our benchmarking and data expert Matthew Fraser explain what it’s all about.
Discover more about benchmarking

Thank you for reading (or scrolling) this far! Just one more thing…

Spotted the mention above for doughnut economics? Listen to a v. interesting conversation with Kate Raworth on The Rest is Politics: Leading.

Do also listen to the recruitment and retention episode of Socitm Says 😉 It’s got VP Matt Lewis talking about career progression without line management.

Make sure you connect with us on LinkedIn and on Twitter to keep up-to-date with everything happening.