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Free Change Agent digital transformation training returns

The Microsoft and Socitm Change Agent programme is returning in June.

Change Agent Manger Programme (2 days) on 7 and 16 June

Change Agent Programme (5 days) on 19 to 23 June

  • Members, you don’t need to use any Learning Academy points for this training.
  • You do not need to be a member of Socitm
  • There is no charge for members or non-members
  • It’s free for the majority of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement public sector customers.

What is the Change Agent Programme?

A national change agents programme supporting a more collaborative transformation of services

The Change Agent Programme for Local Government brings together training on skills to change, and technology to transform.

Our aim is to train at least one person in every public sector service to be a catalyst for change, connecting them with others in similar roles to innovate together, share and collaborate.

What makes a good Change Agent?

Individuals who:

  • Are curious and enjoy learning
  • Want to help their service be more sustainable
  • Enjoy helping others
  • Recognise technology as an enabler to change
  • Are supported by their manager to take part in the programme
  • Enjoy problem solving
  • Want to make a difference

Please note, you do not need to be particularly technical – a basic level of ability is important, but this is not targeted at techies – just a willingness to learn!

Preparation: Is there anything to do before the course?

  1. Ensure your diary is clear for the days you’ll be on the course.
  2. Make sure your manager and colleagues know you’re going on the course, and explain how it should benefit them (as you’ll be able to support the adoption of technology in your service)
  3. This one is key: consider a specific problem you have in your service and either make a mental note or document it, as you’ll work through your problem over the week

You will be looking at the problem statement on day one, and then re-visiting throughout the week on the five day course, and on the two day course the Microsoft team will suggest answers to the attendees on the second day.

Example problem statements:

  • “Our staff work remotely and it’s hard to motivate people effectively”
  • “Manual saving of documents and rekeying of information is taking a lot of staff time.”
  • “We’re using Power Bi but struggling to get staff to use it properly”
  • “Task management across our service is difficult to manage and results in duplication”

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Change Agent Manger Programme (2 days) on 7 and 16 June

Change Agent Programme (5 days) on 19 to 23 June