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Practical placemaking collection | Article

Capability building

Authored by William Barker, Martin Ferguson, Diana Rebaza


Digitalisation outcomes

Outlines how the Local Government Association, Socitm and Solace have reviewed the current landscape of digital support to distil the12 key components of digitalisation needed to have an impactful outcome for residents, businesses, and communities.


Illustration from the cover of the Public Sector Digital Trends report. There are illustrations of a line graph (heading downwards); a woman sitting looking at a laptop screen; a man standing, surrounded by a swirling line that twists around his whole body - he's looking a little puzzled; there's a fingerprint with a padlock; and then a monitor with drawings of buildings on.

Public sector digital trends

Cyber resilience priorities

Reviews the concept of ‘cyber resilience’ and the need for public sector leaders to ensure that there is an end-to-end intelligence-driven approach to seeking out cyber threats, including in supply chains, and mitigating them, with board level accountability. This will be essential to protect local resilience, individual services, and the public.

Digital data and technology skills

Looks at the latest issues around digital, data and technology skills. The key role of data leadership and wider data management, the merging of CIO and CDO roles, and recruitment and retention of skills. Innovative approaches will be needed to access data science and analytical capabilities.

Faster development

Examines the move from simply reviewing methods and technology, towards integration between digital opportunity, technology, data possibilities and service priorities.


Socitm Inform report, cyber risk, part 1

Taking cyber risk (report)

Looks at the broad and changing landscape of cyber risks. It is aimed not just at IT leaders, but anyone involved in or concerned about cyber risk management in the public sector – especially local councils.


  • Cyber Breach (Leadership Academy training)
    Provides drills, table-top exercises and rehearsals for the scenarios that you may face. Prepares delegates for their role in their organisation’s breach plans.


  • Cyber insights
    Considers the importance of developing an understanding of your own organisation’s exposure, compared to other organisations, the technical skills required to test for the most common internet-facing security weaknesses and how to mitigate risks.