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Leadership Academy advocate: Dominic Fahy

A Q&A where graduates share their experiences of Leadership Academy training. What has it added to their life, both personally and professionally?


Dominic Fahy

Current role

Technical Document Systems and IS Category Head with Canon UK and Ireland 

Which Leadership academy programme did you join?

Top Talent

What were your initial thoughts about participating?

Excited to be on an independent leadership course with a variety of leaders from different parts of the country, sectors, experience type and focus area.  

What were your first impressions?

I was impressed by the trainers who clearly love what they do and the quality of the content provided. Some of it was new to me and some was a refresh. 

What were the most powerful elements of the programme for you?

The psychological aspects of leadership. How our values, beliefs and mindset can powerfully help us or powerfully slow us down. But more importantly being aware of our own and others can be very helpful in leading people who are the most valuable asset of any organisation. Also, the reinforcement of Belbin’s team roles model and the importance and value of differences. I found it reinforced many of things I knew and gave me some new ideas and perspectives. 

After graduation, what were the key things you took away with you?

The power of empathy as explained so well by Brené Brown and how important it is in connecting with others, which we have to have to lead professionally and the value everyone can provide to the team. I also met a lot of talented people from the public sector, which has extended my network, with some relationships that I will take with me into the future. 

How did you apply these professionally and what are the direct benefits? 

I have applied the knowledge, skill, and experience in my role, where I interact with a huge variety of different people and teams at many different levels. The benefits are that it has increased my effectiveness and confidence. This in turn improves performance and success which leads to increasing returns for the business and employee engagement

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining the programme you enjoyed?

Do it! Spending time thinking about the different aspects of leadership and how to better lead your teams will be a good use of time. It’s professionally done!

I’ve been on many leadership, management and coaching training courses and this one is good. It reinforced some of the previous concepts I have learned before and added some new ones.

We completed a technology innovation project to transform a traditional mail room into a digital one which has many benefits in terms of reduced costs and increased efficiencies (which I think is available to share if you are interested in transforming your mailroom) let me know.

The group project work with all new members can be a bit uncomfortable as the team settles into a way of working – which is what you want. You can’t stretch without a healthy bit of discomfort. And you’ll take a way some new relationships, network, experience and develop those valuable leadership skills. 

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