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Leveraging data in cities (MCE)

The world is being transformed by the new technologies changing the business models, lifestyles and the way people work.

Digital transformation and a continuous generation of data originate new ideas, new opportunities and new challenges for everyone: government, industrial, citizens, travellers and consumers.
In January 2018 Major Cities of Europe organized a workshop to discuss how to leverage and enhance the City’s data to achieve new strategic and operational objectives and/or implement innovative initiatives and services.

During the workshop the participants shared experiences in order to identify a common vision about digital transformation opportunities and discuss how to use data to maximize cities ability to respond to citizens needs. The target is to maximize the transformation benefits and minimize reaction time to citizens needs.

The workshop was attended by 16 people.

Our thanks to the Speakers who presented their experiences and to the Exploration & Discovery Leaders that managed the working tables discussion.

Take your city to the next level by leveraging data (MCE)