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Networking, influencing & win/win outcomes

Webinar Wednesday

Authors and contributors: Aidan Matthews
Webinar Wednesday - Networking, influencing & win/win outcomes - 21 April 2021

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No matter what role we play, learning how to build human networks and influence others are important skills to have. Whether we are influencing our peers, line reports, line manager, focus groups, technical specialist groups or business partners, how we put your messages across and the perception we create have an immediate impact on the outcomes we are looking to achieve. It is also important to remind ourselves that in building and maintaining any long-term relationship, all parties have to feel there is a ‘win’ in it for them.

In this session Aidan will give some useful tips on how to examine and grow and manage our relationships networks more effectively. He will look at some interesting research on some universal laws of influencing and how we can create more ‘win/win’ outcomes using some simple structures to guide our thinking.

This is the fourth of our Leadership Academy webinar for 2021, part of a series sessions created to stimulate and inspire. We look forward to seeing you