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How M365 Copilot can impact local and regional government

Authors and contributors: Harry Reid, Manesh Mistry

Join Harry Reid and Manesh Mistry from Microsoft for an introduction to M365 Copilot. Harry talked through the evolution of generative AI and how Copilot for M365 can impact end users across local and regional government. The session covered a live demo, a crash course in prompt writing and a look at some more complex tasks using M365 Copilot.


  1. Copilot at its simplest
  2. Copilot in Teams (notetaking and catching up)
  3. Copilot in Teams (M365) Chat
  4. Copilot for (new) Outlook
  5. What is a prompt?
  6. Creating a presentation
  7. Summaries of candidate interviews
  8. Create fast itineraries and scheduled for visits
  9. PII redaction drafts
  10. Numbers of use cases