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AI in action: Derby City Council’s success with phone-based AI, leading to £200,000 budget savings in under three months

Webinar Wednesday

Authors and contributors: ICS.AI

In the face of increased demands to deliver efficient and cost-effective resident services, councils are increasingly turning to innovative solutions. With over 60% of resident interactions still occurring over the phone, now is the time for councils to adopt advanced technology that enhances user experience, bolsters efficiency and ultimately helps cut costs.

This webinar explores the transformative potential of our SMART Phone AI platform, that offers AI-powered phone self-service for residents. Now live with several customers, we’ll delve into the real-life success stories and reveal how phone-based AI is revolutionising customer service.

Join us as we uncover the innovative journey of Derby City Council and their use of phone-based AI assistance to dramatically streamline their customer service operations. Learn about Darcie and Ali, their AI assistants, who have efficiently handled over 100,000 queries, deflected 43% of calls away from human advisors, and contributed to an impressive budget savings of £200,000. We’ll cover their path to AI-driven customer service transformation, the challenges faced along the way, and their ongoing commitment to expand the scope of AI technology across additional service areas and contact channels.

We’ll also cover:

The potential and impact of the latest AI technologies, including generative AI and Copilot, to push the boundaries of digital transformation and self-service efficiency.
The benefits of employing conversational AI in phone channels for 24/7 access to council services, automation of routine tasks, improved call efficiency, and reduced waiting times.
The success stories of other customers, like Lewes and Eastbourne Councils who, with their AI assistant Ellis, achieved an impressive 96% success rate in handling over 75,000 queries across channels.
Live demonstrations showcasing the power and capability of our SMART Phone AI platform.
Join us to see how phone-based AI is redefining council-resident interactions, delivering efficient and cost-effective self-service options and forging new pathways in the era of digital transformation.