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Alumni Coffee Hour

Authors and contributors: Irene Docherty, Emma Macquarrie, Nadira Hussain, Aidan Matthews, Sam Smith

Being a Socitm member is valuable because it allows you to meet other people, share ideas, and find solutions together. Today, we are excited to have Emma Macquarrie, a Senior ICT Project Manager, and Irene Docherty, a Strategic ICT Business Partner, from Wiltshire Council joining us.

Emma has been promoted to a Project Manager from her previous role, while Irene has many years experience working on various large projects within the council. They have identified gaps in Learning and Development through their various experiences and roles.

The discussion will focus on the “Importance of development even in austere times.” They will cover topics such as the Web of Tension, Building Capabilities Alignment, VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity), and more. The importance of reflection, both individually and with others, before making decisions will also be emphasised, as it is something we can all relate to.

The question “Is resilience alone enough?” will be explored, suggesting that there may be additional factors to consider.

The Alumni coffee hour is an informal quarterly meeting created to facilitate discussion and provide an opportunity to network with others, These sessions provide an excellent opportunity to grow and build relationships.

The informal nature of these sessions allows people to find out what is happening elsewhere, discuss challenges, and find ways to overcome them. Participants are encouraged to join and share their experiences.

Additionally, these sessions provide an opportunity to learn about the great things that Socitm members are involved in, making it a valuable investment in personal development.

We look forward to seeing you.will