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Public sector digital trends 2022 – infographic

Authors and contributors: Jos Creese, Martin Ferguson
Public sector digital trends 2022 - infographic

This infographic gives an overview of our predictions for digital trends in 2022, as outlined in our public sector digital trends 2022 policy briefing.

Distinctive in its focus on ‘place-shaping’ – meaningful outcomes for people, communities, and their environments enabled by effective public services delivered locally – our digital trends policy briefing takes a slightly different slant this year.

Our briefing is heavily influenced by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. But it goes further, identifying key trends that lie in the spaces between different technologies and how these will affect the public sector. We predict, for example, a much greater focus on interoperability, systems integration, and exploitation of opportunities arising from a growth in processing power, coupled with harnessing data volumes and new tools.