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Modern leadership: Tools for leaders (4/6)

Modern leadership: Tools for leaders (4/6)

Today’s leaders can’t rely on the conventional models of the past. Success now largely depends upon having diverse capabilities, and being ready to respond and adapt to quickly changing circumstances.

Why you should read this

  • Because it looks at environments. Environments are important: leadership does not exist in isolation. A leader’s actions affect the environments, and vice versa – and some environments have been proven to increase a leader’s chances of success
  • Because it explains tools that can uncover strategic  insights and help you maintain situational awareness in dynamic and unpredictable situations

Issues addressed

  • Getting the balance right: being lean and efficient vs the ability to change
  • Why you need a happy, willingly engaged and diverse workforce
  • Knowing where you and your organisation stands, so that you can better manage change in the direction you choose

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