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Modern leadership: Leadership in a digital world (3/6)

Modern leadership: Leadership in a digital world (3/6)

Steve Cliff describes the basis of the Socitm Leadership Academy’s approach to individual development and outlines its content and desired outcomes. He draws upon the results of an alumni survey carried out as part of this project.

Why you should read this

  • Know that Socitm’s Leadership Academy focuses upon individual development
  • Understand its success first hand: ‘amazing’, ‘enlightening’, ‘insightful’, ‘life-changing’, ‘relevant’
  • Recognise its approach and what underpins it

Issues addressed

  • What is important about the digital world we now live in?
  • How does leading differ from managing?
  • What did people experience on our leadership development programmes?
  • What did they learn?
  • How was this put into practice?

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