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Thanks to everyone able to give us their time, attention and contribution for Wednesday’s Place-Based Leadership pre-pilot session. It was invaluable. Updates are being made now.

Couldn’t take part? The pilot in Birmingham (21 to 22 September) won’t use any of your Leadership Academy points. We’ll let you know when registration is open.

You could be the next Fred Ralphs from Luton. Just over 1 hour into the pre-pilot session he shared this in the chat:

This is paradigm breaking stuff. It has already prompted me to think of a current issue at our authority and look at the possible solution in another way. Thank you.

As part of the alumni, you are ideally placed to benefit from this programme.

Still with learning and development. Sorted your training for September? So you can come back after managing the school holidays ready to tackle your professional development, save your seat now for Top Talent.

How flexible is your job? Flexibility could be the secret ingredient for recruiting and retaining people in local government. VP Matt Lewis and friend of Socitm Sam Hall are quoted in the current issue of Government Business sharing some of their ideas and approaches. Skip to page 26 🙂
Do then pop back to page 17 to read about transforming revenues and benefits from 5 councils into 1 unitary – Buckinghamshire Council.

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Download your GenAI usage policy template

How are you handling using AI in your organisation?
Send your experiences to Martin Ferguson. What are the threats and opportunities of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence applications?

Service delivery is deceptively simple

Streamline and automate what can be streamlined and automated so you can focus on all the things that can’t. People, and helping people answer questions should be at the heart of everything.

But the questions and problems citizens have aren’t always simple. The highlands and islands are not like the inner cities. Except when they are. And in that overlap you can learn from each other. See what has worked and gain insights from lessons learned along the way.

Meet and talk with like-minded members in Birmingham on Thursday 5 October.

Training with Socitm

Your latest Leadership Advocate is Graeme Murrell. Graeme is a Top Talent graduate and the confidence, enthusiasm and empowerment the programme gave him, is expressed throughout his Q&A.

Share your training experience with us – fill in the short Q&A.


Tuesdays 12 and 26 September Workshops: How to be an effective coach (CPD certified)
Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 September: Top Talent (CPD certified)
Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 October: Empowering Women (CPD certified)
Tuesday 10 and 31 October: Managing and Motivating Remote Teams (CPD certified)
Thursday 12 October: Alumni coffee hour
Monday 16 October Workshop: Valuing Diversity (CPD certified)

Training places are included in Socitm membership – subject to availability and membership level. If you have any questions or would like further information, please let us know.

Once you’ve finished your training don’t forget to claim your CPD points.

Socitm Advisory

Building a service design lab

Hear how other councils are overcoming challenges. Get tools and methodologies to support your service design capability.
Listen to the podcast episode.

Share the best and worst of your customer experience experiences

Come to The Ivy in Birmingham for our Customer Experience Leaders Round Table (chaired by Cornwall Council) on Tuesday 12 September.
Register your interest today.

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As part of your membership you can receive between 2 and 12 hours of FREE consultancy advice per year. To make use of your inclusive consultancy hours, get in touch or log in to My Account.


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Missed a webinar? Past recordings are available to watch in the resource hub. Also, make sure to check out our regional events. There’s a mix of online and in-person meetings, so please feel free to join any that are outside your area.

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Now you can read it (well, some of it….) ????

  1. Dorset digital merger is work in progress
  2. Socitm Advisory: Collaboration key to service design
  3. Police and South West Regional Cybercrime Unit: Involve us as early as possible in cyber incidents
  4. Top Talent groups respond to cybersecurity disaster
  5. Microsoft aims to use AI responsibly
  6. Brent used research and robotics to reboot strategy
  7. DSIT drafts security guidance for councils connecting places
  8. No inclusivity without accessibility says W3C’s White
  9. East Riding targets ‘most complex’ social care data
  10. Empowering Women pitch job-matching games

Thank you for reading (or scrolling) this far! Just one more thing…

Episode 264 of the You Are Not So Smart podcast has the amazing title How to psychologically inoculate yourself against scams, cons, and chicanery. But (this is important) if you haven’t watched the 90-second Monkey Business Illusion, do that first. Because, spoilers.

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